Look: Beyonce Made a Workout Video for Michelle Obama


By: Krystle Crossman

This year marks the fifth anniversary of first lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” initiative that she started to get Americans moving and in better shape. She asked people all around the country to post photos or videos of themselves up and moving or share what five healthy choices they are making in their lives with the hashtag #GimmeFive to celebrate. Many people from all over have posted their photos and videos but one celebrity went ahead and created a video that will make you want to get out of your seat and join her in her workout.

Beyoncé posted a video of herself doing a workout routine to Survivor’s hit single Eye of the Tiger. As if the song isn’t enough to make you get up and want to start kickboxing and punching the air, Beyoncé brings energy that is hard to ignore. The video is short and sweet and is sped up to fit within the short time limits of Instagram, but she gets right to the point. She starts off with a leg lift, goes to modified crunches, and then she does a little boxing with some free weights. She is then seen doing some aerobic exercises on a weight bench and finally lunges. These exercises are all very effective for every part of your body when used in combination with a healthy diet.

The Let’s Move campaign started in 2010. Mrs. Obama wants to tackle the problem of childhood obesity in the country. Kids these days end up having too much screen time and too little exercise time as well as diets that consist of processed foods. They end up on a path to obesity early on in life instead of learning healthy habits to keep them in shape. The program aims to give parents the information and resources that they need to help their children maintain a healthy lifestyle. It also helps them to be more active. The program also aims to get healthier lunches in the schools. It helps families who may not have the money for healthy foods to get access to proper nutrition.


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