Look: Wendy Williams Is Showing Off Her Weight-loss In a Bikini


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Wendy Williams was caught showing off her new rockin’ body while on vacation recently. A photo surfaced of Williams posing in the water in a bikini looking fit and toned. The talk show host has done some hard work over the last year and put in her time to help her lose some major weight.

On her show Williams spoke about how she stepped on the scale and when she saw that she was 195 pounds she knew that she needed to do something. Her 50th birthday was coming up and she wanted to get ready for it!

She told everyone that she didn’t just lose her 20 pounds overnight. She cut a few things out of her diet and little by little she began to see results. She wasn’t a big woman in the first place but she really wanted to cut down on her waist so that she could feel great about turning fifty. She urged people to understand that it took a lot of hard work to lose the weight and that it is not something that is easily done. She also gave some information on the healthy snacks that she would eat to keep her hunger at bay.

Some of these great foods that you can grab to help keep from eating junk food all day are:

– Avocado
– Nuts
– Flax Seed
– Oatmeal
– Peanut Butter (in moderation)
– Greek Yogurt
– Legumes
– Soup
– Salad

One of the biggest and healthiest ways to curb your appetite during the day is to drink plenty of water. Sometimes your brain will mistake thirst for hunger, so if you are feeling pangs, drink some water first and see if the need for food dissipates.



  1. Patricia Jackson on

    Hooray Wendy! I have lost 240 lbs and have 60 more lbs to go but the only thing I bother with is all of this excess skin!It is just horrid to look at and deal with everyday!

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