Look: You Won’t Believe What This Woman Spent Thousands of Dollars To Do To Herself


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Cherelle Campbell was jealous of celebrity Cheryl Cole. She wasn’t jealous of her hair, or her status, or even her money. She was jealous of something much simpler; all she wanted was a great pair of dimples. She stated that when God was handing out dimples, she was put in the reserve queue. So she decided that she was going to take matters into her own hands.

People who want dimples when they weren’t blessed with them naturally can get a surgery called dimpleplasty. It is when the skin of the cheeks is cut and stitches are placed in the cheeks in order to make a dimple in the skin. The dimples are extremely deep for the first few days but then they are much less noticeable once they heal.

The surgery routinely costs roughly $2,500 for both cheeks. Campbell said that she got the idea online while she and a friend were searching for surgeries that you could and could not do. She had never known that you could surgically implant dimples. She thought about it for a while and then contacted a surgeon. She wanted to get the dimples as deep as she could so that she wouldn’t have to do it again.

Cherelle is on Episode 4 of Bodyshockers: My Piercing Hell. The show filmed her procedure and followed her through the healing phase and the results after, as well. At first, after the surgery was over she was unsure about how she was feeling about the dimples as they were really deep and noticeable, but then after they healed they became much more subdued and now you can only see them when she smiles.



    • Dimples are not for everyone, she really F##k up her face. She looked much better without them. She need to find out if she can have the procedure reversed. One looks higher than the other.

  1. Ms. Pamela Eady on

    Dimples…..you weren’t born with dimples so you bought 2 dimples. You jealous of some other female dimples so you want some.

  2. Ms. Pamela Eady on

    Dimples…..you weren’t born with dimples so you bought 2 dimples. You jealous of some other female dimples so you want some….Really??

  3. She was already pretty. Now she looks like she has two puncture wounds on her face. But if she is happy, then she did the right thing. Lifes too short to deny your dreams.

  4. okk if God didn’t give you dimples you should not have dimples that just does not look real, be happy with what you have, I think pink looks good on other women, but not on me, not going to wear it!!!

    • Most of the women in my family have dimples, including myself. And sometimes you are able to see them when someone is speaking or not, but they are more distent when you are smiling. But fyi,
      dimples are a defect in ur jaw,not normal….ijs

  5. People, if you have thousands of dollars of extra money why not give it to a family member for college. Or save it for your retirement. Maybe save it for taking care of your parents when they are elderly. My point is USE YOUR HEAD AND THINK AHEAD.

  6. Dimples!!!
    I do not think SO!! Those look like big holes
    In the side OF YOUR JAWS!! Learn to love
    Whom GOD MADE YOU TOO BE!!! You really
    Need a REFUND..

  7. Sorry, but to me it looks like a through and through bullet hole. When will people get back to realizing that their beauty is in their individuality, and that we are born, magically, to be a one and only, unique being. Every time we change our recipe to look like someone else we get farther from our natural beauty. Ask any true artist what beauty is, and they will tell you that original uniqueness is what it’s all about. Carbon copies are a dime a dozen, and cheap no matter how much $ the investment.

  8. I’m glad I was born with them too ; but I would pay for them. Hers look cheap and one foes look higher than the other. Most people I see now with altered faces, do not look good at all . We need to be thankful with what God has blessed us with. And some people need to go get a real life. My God!!!! She went hot her hair done instead!!!


    After reading this e-mail, I thought that the lady looks awful with the dimples. She should have taken the $2500 and got her hair done. And thank God for her beauty.

  10. They don’t look natural. Her face is too fat for them to make any sense or look like they’re real. I think dimples look best on people with thinner faces where you can see the dimples better. My sister had dimples and her face was lean and her dimples were longer (they went further down her face) and looked natural to her face. You can tell the difference between natural dimples and surgically created dimples. This woman’s dimples just look like two dents in her cheeks.

  11. Her face looks like she has two holes in it. Dimples don’t look that pronounced. My other comment is that I can’t understand why other people get upset when a person decides to get cosmetic surgery. It is THEIR face or whatever, and if you feel that there is something about yourself that you don’t like and can reasonably change–then why not do it? There is nothing wrong with self-improvement. Afterall, we change ourselves every so often as no one ever stays the same. Besides that there is no where in the Bible where it says you cannot add or subtract from any part of your body. The decision to get surgery is between you and God, not you and other people.

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