Looks Like Size Is an Issue…For Women


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Researchers are finding that size does matter for a woman when it comes to having a regular [email protected] It is not the size of their partner’s pen!s however. New research is finding that women with a smaller cl!toris have a much harder time having the big O than women who have a larger one. The location matters as well as they have found that a cl!toris that is farther away from the [email protected] makes it harder for a woman to cl!max during s*x.

Thirty women were involved in a study where the researchers used an MRI of the pelvic region to determine the size and location of the cl!toris. Out of these 30 women, ten reported that they had problems having an [email protected] The others said that they had no issues. The ones that had issues were found to have a smaller cl!toris and it was also a little farther from the [email protected] The average distance is 5 to 6 mm.

The researchers are still trying to figure out if the anatomy of this spot is to blame or if it is the frequency of the [email protected] that could change the anatomy. With thousands of nerve endings all packed into the cl!toris, they are theorizing that those with larger ones have more nerve endings which make things easier for them in the bedroom.

The anatomy however is not the only cause of s*xual dysfunction in women. Only half of married women report regularly hitting climax and only 15% say they do it multiple times. Sleep, diet, alcohol, lack of exercise, and frame of mind can all contribute to a less than satisfying experience.



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  2. Tom Washington on

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