“Love at first sight” Is Actually Just Raw L-u-s-t


black_couple_barBy Staff Blogger

Do you believe in love at first sight? Your eyes may be deceiving you. When you spot a physically attractive person across the room and your eyes meet, it is not love that you are feeling. That is lu-st. Your brain begins to crank out dopamine, which elevates your mood and the part of the brain that creates negative feelings is pushed away for the moment. You can detect his voice, face, and pheromones before you even say hello.

Interestingly, if you are ovulating you are more likely to be drawn to a guy with masculine features like a hard jaw line. If you are at that lovely time of the month that women hate so much, you are more likely to be drawn to a guy who has softer and more feminine features.

After five minutes your brain sends a message to your ovaries that says “this guy is hot!” After that you begin to feel the adrenaline rush that sends your heart racing. Finally you begin to release testosterone into your body. It gears you up to take a risk and flirt with the eye candy across the bar. After ten minutes your brain says it’s time to produce oxytocin which is the chemical that is thought to promote bonding and monogamy.

Once you have turned into a smitten kitten, over a period of a few months, your brain will increase the production of nerve growth factor. This increases your mental capacity. This goes back to normal after about a year of commitment!

Your new passion may also cause the adrenal glands to shoot out cortisol which is a stress hormone. It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside which is why you go through the honeymoon phase in a relationship. Now it’s love!


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  1. so, its a real feeling? so when we ‘love’ someone its just because of??? uuuummmm, so we can love anybody? interesting article…

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