Lupita Nyong’o Says She Prayed To be Lighter


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

One of the stars of the movie “12 Years a Slave”, Lupita Nyong’o, had people in the audience shedding tears as she was accepting her award for best breakout performance. The ceremony was held by Essence magazine and is called Women in Hollywood. During her speech she said that when she was a little girl she wished that her skin was not so dark.

Nyong’o told a story of how she was teased to no end about how dark her skin was when she was a little girl. She said, “My one prayer to God was that I would wake up lighter skinned”. Every day that she woke up she would run to the mirror so that she could see her face first with her new light skin and every day she was disappointed that she was as dark as she had been yesterday. She tried pleading with God and even bargaining says that she would do things such as never losing her school sweater again or would stop eating the sugar cubes that she was so fond of.

Finally one day Nyong’o learned about a supermodel from Sudan named Alek Wek. She saw Wek with her almost midnight colored skin and realized that dark was amazingly beautiful. She finally started to believe in herself and believe that she was beautiful just the way that she was. She now wishes to inspire other young girls who may be thinking the things that she had though when she was a child.

It is sad when women feel that they need to change the color of their skin just to fit in or feel like they have a voice. No woman should have to bleach her skin so that she is lighter. She should have to pray to have a different complexion. She should be embraced as the beautiful person that she already is.



  1. I’m so glad God did NOT answer her prayer. She is stunningly beautiful just the way she is. I love her black skin, beautiful shaped body, gorgeous face–especially those sexy lips!!

    It’s amazing how White Supremacy/the Media affects the minds of our people world wide.

    • Exactly! I get so tired of what the so called EUROPEAN DIRTY WORLD calls BEAUTY! My definition of beautiful DOES NOT consist of blond hair blue eyes and that is MY PREFERENCE because I LOVE ME SOME ME!!!!!

      • Regina, I expect that from the European. We live in a European world(us)and you right Blond Hair and all. How many of our Black sister’s gone to the European looks. I came up in the 60’s and we was Pride to show our Blackness. We have blk people Bleach their Skin now and look how many blond hair sisters now. So I expect European to have their definition of Beauty. But what I find Sad is black people have the same Definition has the European do. Self racism is the worst form of Hate. Wake up Black People.

  2. This young lady needs to learn how to appreciate HER OWN BEAUTY PRESENTLY, and forget about the past. Even if it were black people who were teasing her, those are the ones with LOW SELF ESTEEM and SELF WORTH of THEMSELVES. Who cares what white racist America and the world thinks. BLACK PEOPLE SHOULD HAVE THEIR OWN DEFINITION OF BEAUTY.

  3. As a people we have BOUGHT the European standard of beauty when we are some if the most BEAUTIFUL people in the world! This sister is just stunning. We have GOT to elevate our girls AND boys to see beauty in themselves. So much of the negative images we have been taught to accept and believe about ourselves, was an intentional way of subjugation. Everything they promote we should question its worth to our community.

    • As a light skinned black woman I feel your comment is very immature and racist. Everyone should take pride in themselves because God decided who would look a certain way. I am very proud to be the person that I am after spending my childhood being tormented by darker complexioned children and finally learning to love myself for who I am, light skin and all.

    • As as light skinned woman baby I have everything to be proud of!!Not because of my skin color but who I am as a woman!! You comment is fowl!!!!!I am proud that I am a African American woman who wakes up and feels about my self when ,proud of every damn thing that I have accomplished,proud that I have overcome obstacles that I never would have thought I would have survived from.I am proud that I come from a tribe of strong black women who who range from shades of jet black to high yellow who dont judge each other and who are proud of their god given complexion for every shade is beautiful!You have a serious disease of color complex.For you to even make a stupid ass statement like that baby you must really really REALLY Feel bad about your damn self!AND THAT IS NOTHING TO BE PROUD OF!

  4. Embrace, people of color, how God made you. If you are midnight Black or almost white, you are still a nigger to white folks. Remember, the one drop of blood theory. The terms biracial did not exist in slavery.

    • Not buying one drop rule, i dont claim biracial quadroon octaroom as blk, if your mom and pops is blkthen you blk. Blk and white blk and asian blk and hispanic dont equal blk, ik biracial aint black, nuccas stay claiming ppl that aint blk as blk then get mad when biracial is considered prettier than blk. They aint us and we aint them.

  5. White folks don’t want Black Folks with nothing, first they sit in the Sun or Tanning Booth to be BLACK. Then they want brades in their hair like Blacks. Next they want LIPS like Blacks. NOW they want BIG BUTTS, they also want BLACK Men. What’s left?

  6. whine whine whine Lupita knows shes beautiful lot of beautiful dark skin blk women, now blk aint beautiful its some oogly moogly azz blk women out there beauty and oogly moogly in every race.

  7. I prayed for the opposite. I wanted to be darker. I rub shea butter on my skin and out in the sun I go. She is a very beautiful young woman.

  8. William Leonard on

    Be proud of what your skin color is. Your skin color don’t make a person better than others just as people seem to think that white is the color to be and it’s not so in my book.


    Most woman feel inferior because their own black brother tells them they are ugly. It cuts like a knife and will stay in your brain for eternity. The opposite sex is someone we all depend on for a variety of feelings, and great strength. Not meaning to preach but most woman feel that GOD has told us to look forward/ up to our men. He is the king of the castle. If he tells you you are ugly, that’s like a death sentence. He can apologize, but that thought will never leave you. This is the one thing no woman wants to hear. I rather be a BYTCH than to hear him call me ugly and mean it.

  10. First, black PPP don’t know who we are, but they know who we are. The melanin we have is powerful! We are connected to the cosmos and getting knowledge of self and knowing Your History, you’ll feel better about your color. Listen to Dr. Phil Valentine videos an educate yourselves.

  11. There isn’t a god to answer such a prayer. Slaves prayed for freedom, but a god never came to their rescue either. The slaves who escaped to freedom used their legs to do so. People missing limbs pray daily for a god to regrow them, but they wake up everyday in dismay. It’s technology, not a god, that helps them to walk. When good things happen in our lives, many people give praise to a god; but when looking at the good things, it would of happened with or without a god. What Lupita suffered from is colorism, a disease of self-hatred exacerbated by the worship of a white deity and the lack of education about one’s self and culture. This disease permeates in almost every culture where people of color reside. If god is white; therefore, it must mean it’s better to be white in order to be more like god. Therefore, it would be hard for any person of color to see themselves as good in the eyes of god. It would be impossible to overcome the effects of colorism without first recognizing the problem in believing a white man died for the sins of black people.

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