Make It Last Forever: Tried & True Relationship Advice


lasting loveBy Staff Blogger

Good relationships are built on trust, communication, honesty, and compromise. As long as those foundations are in place, you can achieve a long and happy relationship. Don’t let things become one-sided or soon you will find the relationship comes to a screeching halt. There should be a balance in the relationship.

Everyone goes through some challenges while in a relationship. When one has a bad day at work, they tend to transfer that over to their partner. The need to vent is important, but it is also important not to attack the other person or blame them for a bad day. Make sure that they know it’s nothing personal, and that you are just trying to vent your feelings so that you don’t explode.

Be aware of how you are venting. Be mindful of the things that you say and the tone that you say them in. Most of the time you can turn venting into a better understanding of why you are frustrated in the first place, and your partner will be there to sort through it all with you as long as you are aware of your tone and demeanor. Try not to get too defensive when your partner interjects and offers advice or solutions.

Try to look at the world a different way. When you normally look at your life, it’s like looking through a smoke screen, only the smoke is actually all of your emotions, and the world becomes diluted. Make sure that you view the world for what it really is and you will have a better understanding of things, as will your partner.

No one is perfect. Don’t stress out when you aren’t. Don’t let your fear of not being perfect or messing things up ruin your relationship. Express your fears, or take a step back and see that sometimes they are unfounded.

Run your relationship the way you see fit, not how others think you should run it. If you can look at it from your own point of view and have a partner who wants the same things as you do, it can last a lifetime.


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