Make Love Last in Five Easy Steps


older coupleBy Staff Blogger

If you are lucky enough to be in love, you know how amazing it is. Everyone that has found love wants to make sure that they keep it as long as they possibly can. Here are five secrets to making love last.

1. Communication that is open and between both partners is one of the best ways to keep your relationship going. Be honest with each other and tell each other what you want and what you are thinking. This gives the partners a chance to figure out if there is anything wrong and how to fix it or to get closer to one another.

2. If there are issues in the relationship, don’t go into the discussion of these issues with negativity. Look at the positives that can come out of figuring out what the issue is and solving the issue instead. For example if your husband leaves the toothpaste cap off all the time, instead of admonishing him for it, do something fun like putting a sticky note that says “Help! My cap is lost!” with a smiley face to lighten the mood but still get the point across.

3. Even if you have been married for years, reassurance that you will still be together in the future is great to continue that marriage. It is nice to know that your partner is still thinking about you in the future.

4. Equal division of the household chores can reduce tension and prevent fights. If your partner likes to do the cooking, you can do the dishes. If he hates cleaning the bathroom, you can do that and he can fold the laundry. Compromise and communicate as to which chores each should do.

5. Keep open communication with your partner’s family and make sure he does the same. Invite family members or friend of your partner’s over every now and then to show that you want to make an effort to have them in your life.


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