Makeup Artist, Fitness Pro, Dermatologist Share How To Shape Up Your Arms, Fast


DumbellSummer is fast approaching and with it will come sleeveless tops and dresses and even bathing suits. While the first lady, Michelle Obama, has, through her own fashion choices, seemed to make it okay for women to wear sleeveless outfits in a professional environment, there is still a little pressure to make sure those arms are well toned.

The best thing to do is to do the work to get the toned arms but the next best thing is to at least make them look toned. A makeup artist, fitness pro and a dermatologist all share how you can get toned arms or get the look of toned arms.

1. A makeup artist says that a little dry oil on the shoulders and biceps will help to make your arms look more toned and also make them look more luminous. Fresh Rice Dry Oil costs around $48 and you only need a little so it will last for a long time. If you are concerned about pasty skin or cellulite on your arms, put on a light coating of bronzer. Get one that says it is transfer-resistant so it does not get on your clothes. One great bronzer is St. Tropez One Night Only which is around $18.

2. Fitness pros say that a great way to help your arms stay in shape is to do every day things. Picking up heavy bags of groceries is a good way to help to tone your arms. Unfortunately these are good for your biceps but not your triceps. Try to do tricep dips every week to help firm them up. To do this you sit on the edge of a couch or a chair and place your hands on the edge next to your thighs with your fingers facing forward. Keep your arms straight and scoot yourself off of the edge of the chair. Lower yourself towards the floor, hold it, and then bring yourself back up. Repeat this as many times as you can. The ideal rep count is three sets of 25 per week.

3. Dermatologists recommend that you can reduce the amount of arm jiggle by using a cellulite-reducing cream such as Bliss FatGirlSlim which retails for around $32. It will tighten the skin for a few hours. To get rid of small red bumps on the back of your arm, try using a cleanser such as Neutrogena’s Body Clear Body Wash.


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