Making This One Change Cured These People From Diabetes


By: Krystle Crossman

Diabetes is a disease that affects 9.3% of the population. That works out to 29.1 million people in this country that have it. This is according to data from 2012 brought forth by the American Diabetes Association. The numbers are growing more and more every year. The main focus in treating people with diabetes is to minimize their blood sugar levels without dropping them down too much. This is done by exercise, dropping weight, eating a diabetic-geared diet, and taking insulin if needed.

There are two different types of diabetes:

Type 1 – The people diagnosed with this type need to take insulin every day as the body does not produce the amount needed to convert glucose in the blood to energy.

Type 2 – This is the most common form. People with Type 2 often have to take pills such as Metformin or have to take insulin because while the body is still producing insulin, it is either not using it the way it should or there is not enough to keep glucose levels down.

Six participants took part in an experimental study to see if they could reverse their diabetes. Their ages ranged from 25 years old to 62 years old. All of these participants had very severe cases. Some were severely obese. One had a blood sugar level of 1200 (the normal range is under 100). One had a drinking problem. Five of the participants had Type 2 diabetes and one had Type 1. All of them were taking insulin in some form.

Gabriel Cousens and his team from the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center had a simple method to treat these subjects. They put them on a raw, plant-based diet. Everything that they prepared for them was raw foods. No meat, just vegetables and fruits, everything in its raw form. The results happened quickly.

By the third day three of the participants were off insulin. The other participants were able to cut the amount of insulin that they were taking. The oldest of the group was seeing a lot of improvement in his health but requested to go home. He could not continue eating the foods that they were giving to him. He left on day 17 with a lower blood pressure, a significantly lower blood glucose level, and had a 30 pound weight loss.

By the end of the 30 day program four of the participants were off medication and off insulin. Their blood sugar was within a normal range. Many of them had lost a great amount of weight as well. Only one of the participants was still taking his insulin but had dropped from 70 units per day to 5.

This study shows that there are ways that you can naturally help your diabetes or cure it all together. It does take hard work and a lot of commitment. It also shows that there are ways other than running to a pharmacy that you can live a healthier life.



  1. Yes. As someone that has been in the world of pharmaceuticals for 30 years, it’s long been said that a “whole food”, plant-based diet would have a tremendous impact on the prevalence of diabetes, colon and prostate cancers, and heart diseases.
    Unfortunately that message has not gotten down to “us”, and some of our doctors. In addition, our community has been targeted by a fast food industry that THRIVES on black dollars to stay afloat.
    I understand that many of us don’t have ready access to fresh/frozen fruit and veggies….but a large percentage of us do. WE can make a difference in our health, as we’ve see in this study and so many, many others. Ask any certified nutritionist or registered dietician (notice, I didn’t say doctor—-they aren’t all experts in nutrition) about the impact on health of a plant-based diet, and then the impact of a diet loaded with fried food, processed meats, refined flour and wheat, salt, white sugar, and low in fiber.

  2. A raw vegetable diet has been show to be beneficial for other chronic ailments, too, including some forms of cancer.

    We were formed from the ground. It only makes sense that our healing remedies could come from the ground as well.

  3. This foolishness was reported in a British journal a few years ago. It was panned by the experts as it should be panned now. 6 people is not enough of a population to prove anything. I am rather surprised that this blog is reporting and giving false hope to people about a “cure” diabetes. Just like the baby was supposedly “made” HIV/AIDS free suddenly has the virus again. How long have these people been “diabetic free?” What rate is the pancreas functioning at? Your article only proves that if you loose weight you possibly RELAX the symptoms of diabetes which is NOT A CURE. Veggies can be very starchy and cause the glucose levels to spike.

    One of the reasons why people don’t take diabetes serious is because of the inaccuracy of all the information being put in the media. Its bad enough Black folks don’t know and choose to remain ignorant about their health conditions. Most clinics in the poor areas don’t offer proper diabetic information to all people. Now this crap has to be reported by this blog.

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