Man Sneaks Ab0rt!on Pills To Pregnant Girlfriend While Having $ex With Her


By: Krystle Crossman

A 34 year old Brooklyn, NY man has declined a plea deal for a charge of felony ab0rtion that is being brought upon him. Shervaughn Remy did the unthinkable and purposely caused his girlfriend to lose their baby.

Remy’s girlfriend was 14 week pregnant and was ready to give life to a baby. Then last year on Valentine’s Day when Remy and his girlfriend had interc0urse he slipped two ab0rtion pills inside of her. Later that night she went to the emergency room with abdominal pain. The doctor found the two pills during her examination. He also found that her baby had passed. She ended up having to deliver the 14 week stillborn fetus.

Remy claims that he is innocent and turned down the plea deal that he was offered because he does not feel that he is guilty of anything. His defense lawyers made sure to point out that the victim did not want to press charges.

The ab0rtion pill that had been slipped inside of Remy’s girlfriend is called Cytotec. The way that this pill works is that it causes contractions of the uterus. This ends up causing the body to expel the fetus. It is mainly used to help prevent gastric ulcers and other stomach problems but comes with a letter of warning that it is never to be used by pregnant women due to the fact that it can be used as an ab0rtion pill as well. In Mexico this pill is readily available but is sold for at least $100 per pill.

If Remy is convicted of felony ab0rtion he could face a sentence of 15 to 25 years in prison as ab0rtion is considered a Class E felony and this incident is considered ab0rtion in the second degree.



  1. Another stupid comment by a really dumb person. Redbone, ignorant people like yourself have subverted the Constitution which states innocent until proven guilty for so long that our JUSTICE system has become anything but!!! It’s people like you who cause innocent young black boys to go to prison only to discover years later that they were innocent all along. You ignorant people have allowed the system to change into a prove you’re innocent type of justice rather than the other way around. Millionsof mothers have mourned at the result of such misguided people like yourself. Prove he bought the pills does not prove he didn’t give them to her and then she administered it to herself: YOU DON’TKNOW. Please refrain from snap judgement, black folks can’t handle anymore of it; Red.

    • @Real Man…

      I knew your dumb ignorant donkey a$$ was just talking to yourself, you clueless evil militant ignoramous blind-BOY with absolutely no [email protected] back-bone at all… Its black-boys like you who are secret in the closet murders of our black-women everyday of the week. It’s jigga’s like you who are murdering us 50 million ways in one on a daily basis just by the BS that flows from your filthy brain to your [email protected] lips and out yo funky mouth. Everything your blank educated fool-a$$ touch comes to (NOTHING), absolutely NOTHING….
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  2. Yes! He needs to go to jail!! ,2 pills, he was making sure it was dead!!! That is 2 counts attempted and premeditated murder!!!

    Women, see what man is doing!! Kill by any means necessary!!

  3. Sleeping with a man does not guarantee he wants to have babies with you. Having a baby does not mean he will stay with you. Women need to be clear about a man’s opinion before they have a child, if he doesn’t want it in the beginning having it won’t change his mind. Know that before you bring a child into the world because it will be your responsibility alone.

  4. darknluvly817 on

    To the gentleman that insulted Red: maybe you should read the article again. The DA obviously has enough evidence to proceed with this case. Let’s just start there. Next, please control your emotions when publicly speaking, especially to a woman. While you may think your comments are intelligent and in some demented way, you geeky you were putting her in her place, the only thing you accomplished is letting the world know that you are insecure and mean, in other words, an under achiever. Who else would insult another to make themself feel good.

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