Marriage Is Better…For Your Health


black-couple-weddingThe divorce rate in this country is almost 50%. So if it is that high, some wonder why would you want to get married at all? If you are with the right person, marriage can be wonderful, that’s why! Being married can be like being with your best friend every single day. There are also some health benefits that go along with being married.

1. More s*e*x: Married people generally have more s*x than people who are not married (despite the jokes that state as soon as you are married the s*x disappears). S*x is great for your health as it burns calories and releases endorphins.

2. Kids: Children see marriage as a solid foundation in which they can build their future relationships off of. Kids from a home where the parents remain married have been shown, in studies, to have far better lives than those of divorce.

3. Support in the home: When you come home from a bad day at the office, or when you have a new dream that you want to follow, you want someone there who will support your decisions or will let you cry on their shoulder. Venting your frustrations is a benefit to your health as bottling everything up can cause depression or stress.

4. You are legally recognized as a couple, as opposed to just people who live together. This makes a difference, at tax time, among other times.

5. If one of you loses your job, the other may have health insurance. Being without health insurance is costly, so if both you and your spouse have it, there is a bit of a cushion if something goes wrong.

6.More money: Let’s face it, who doesn’t want more money? Having a second income reduces stress about bills for most and also provides extra for vacations and a home.

7.Happiness: Being happy is a fantastic health benefit, and generally speaking, people who are married are happier than their single counterparts.



  1. the real reason people and couples can’t cut it as married is extreme immaturity and extreme emotional instability…period.

    the first three women I dated this year all started fights with me over the phone before we even went out on the first date to dinner !!! within 2-3 weeks I stopped returning their calls cold.

    how can you start a fight with a man on the phone before the first date?

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