Marriage: Real Women Share Real Problems


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By: Krystle Crossman

Marriage comes with many ups and downs and there are many challenges that must be overcome. Everyone has issues in their relationships, but most of the time they are things that can be worked out. Here are issues that 20 different ladies have that are pretty common issues:

1. Money. It’s always a fight when it comes to money issues.

2. Did you marry a pig? Many women find that guys love to throw their stuff everywhere and leave it.

3. He never makes it to the kids’ sporting events, plays, or recitals.

4. Mother-in-law got you down? Sometimes it can seem like there are three in the marriage.

5. Setting yourselves up for disappointment because you expect too much from the other person.

6. He says no more kids for him, but what happens when you want another?

7. Sometimes people find out too late that they are not compatible with their spouse s*xually.

8. There is never enough time to spend alone with each other between work and the kids.

9. Chores are not his strong suit. He doesn’t do enough around the house during the day and you are stuck doing all of it.

10. On the flip side of number 8, he may ALWAYS be around and you need room to breathe.

11. He doesn’t say what he is thinking, so it is always hard to tell.

12. Get out the ear plugs because there is a jackhammer in the bedroom every night.

13. Sports! It’s all about sports. On the day of a child’s birthday party, “Sorry honey, this game is really important”.

14. He puts his career goals before yours and makes his seem more important.

15. Strip clubs are like his second home.

16. He is friends on Facebook with his ex-girlfriend. Sorry, but not cool.

17. There are never dates anymore, it is always dinners at home or working through dinner.

18. He is never home. It can feel like you are single most of the time.

19. He doesn’t even touch you in the bedroom. No s*x, at all.

20. The toilet paper roll should be replaced when it’s done, not left on the rack and then a new one placed on the counter. This may seem trivial but it can drive some women nuts.


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