Marriage Therapists Reveal Why Men Leave Their Wives


By: Krystle Crossman

When a couple is having a difficult time in their relationship they may seek counseling from a marriage therapist. Some couples will even go to marriage therapy to help their relationship stay solid. Psychologist Antonio Borrello says that therapy is a step forward for any couple but if they let their problems sit they may not be able to fix their issues. There are some common issues that are brought to therapy sessions and if they don’t seek help for them, one of the parties may end the marriage. A group of therapists made a list of the reasons that men commonly leave their marriage:

1. Inadequacy – Men who do not feel like they are living up to the expectations of their partner may leave the relationship. When they are acting out their frustrations their spouse begins to feel lonely. Once a woman feels alone in the relationship she may criticize to deflect the pain she is feeling. This causes the man to feel like he is not good enough to do anything for her and eventually he gives up.

2. Money – Money is a source of contention between all couples at one point or another. Psychotherapist F. Diane Barth states that men often come into sessions with complaints about how their wives blow through money like it is nothing. She states that most of the men feel like their partner is taking them for granted.

3. Validation – Many men come into therapy feeling like the things that they do for their spouse are not appreciated. They feel like they don’t matter and that nothing that they do is right according to their spouse. Eventually this can cause them to feel like the relationship is hopeless and they will make their exit.

4. Intimacy – It is common for couples to slow down with their level of intimacy as the marriage progresses. But when the intimacy stops all together men may mentally exit the marriage and decide to cheat. They feel like they are being rejected by their spouse and that they are not physically attractive enough for them anymore.

5. Appreciation – Most men work hard to keep their spouses happy and healthy. Sometimes however they do not feel like they are appreciated with what they do. A simple thank you every now and then is all that they want to hear to make them feel like what they are doing is making a difference.

6. Common interests – When couples grow together they sometimes become farther apart because they find interests in different things. This is a source of worry for many couples. Men feel like they can no longer relate to their wives. Sometimes this can cause them to seek someone out who they have more common interests with.

7. Cheating – Infidelity generally does not happen when a couple is happy in a marriage. Often times the issues that a couple is having are past the point of no return once someone seeks another partner outside of the marriage.



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