Married Couples Have Better $ex Than Singles?


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

You may often hear jokes about how once you are married, the s*x fizzles and that is that. The truth is however that married couples may have better s*x than couples or people who have one night stands. It has been found that after a one night stand people often feel empty because there are no emotions and no one left after the deed is done.

A study was done in 2013 that asked 3,900 college students about their s*x lives. The researchers found that after one night stands the men felt depressed or experienced anxiety. They also showed lower self-esteem when they hooked up with girls regularly and were less happy with life in general. Those who are in relationships that are committed have a tendency to have their fantasies fulfilled as opposed to those who have one night stands and may be too afraid to ask the person that they are picking up.

Another difference between married couples and singles is that singles don’t have the guarantee that they are going to hook up with someone. Married couples have s*x as much as singles if not more. Studies that have been done recently have shown that singles who try and connect on a deeper level with their partner end up having a better time in bed than those who are looking for someone with no strings attached.

Interviews were conducted on men and women where they were asked about how their relationship affected their s*x life. Single men said that things like their careers got in the way of them having regular s*x but the married men said that they were able to control the quality of their s*x life and also the quantity. Women who were single said that while hooking up was fun, it was just that, hooking up. There was no passion involved. Married women had differing opinions. Some said their s*x life was better before they were married, and some said it is at its best now.



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