Married Couples Share Best Time Of Day To “roll in the hay” Plus Other Secrets


black-couple-computersBy Staff Blogger

With many couples working all day, the opportunity for a little afternoon delight is often fleeting, but many couples say that is the best time of the day as that is when they are more energetic. A recent survey from iVillage shows what couples feel about s*x.

– Women’s top turn-ons are feelings of love for their partner and watching their partner take initiative. Men’s top turn-ons are seeing their partner in sexy clothes followed by feelings of love.

– 68% of men say that they married the person who they have had the best s*x with. Only 45% of women said that.

– When asked the question of the number of s*xual partners they have had in their lifetime, 25% of men answered six to ten which was the most common answer. 31% of women said two to five. Interestingly 19% of men and women said they have only had one partner.

– 42% of women in the survey said that their husbands did not watch p0-rn. Only 21% of the men agreed with that statement. 63% of women said that they never watch it.

– 79% of men think that their wives are happy with their s*x life, but only 61% of women said that they are. 55% of women in turn thought their husband was happy but 79% of men said that they were.

– 49% of men and 52% of women said their s*x life was better before children.

– What do men want? 42% said they wanted their wives to initiate s*x more often, 41% want more oral sex, and 31% want [email protected] s*x.

– What do women want? 35% want more foreplay, 32% want to hear more loving things, 28% want their husband to last longer, and 22% want oral s*x.

– Men are more likely to cheat on their spouses and are also more likely to admit that if they wouldn’t get caught, they would cheat.

– 61% of women stated that they were satisfied with their s*x lives while a whopping 80% of men said they were satisfied.


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  1. I can't believe so many women still reported to not watching porn even with all of the benefits to your sex life that can come from watching it. Porn isn't a bad thing but considering that iVillage took the survey, perhaps its just they may have more conservative readers?

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