Mary J. Blige Says She’s Done Taking Care of Men, She’s Now Dating a Rich Guy


By Victor Trammell and Nomalanga Mhauli-Moses

Photo credits: Ebony Magazine/Shutterstock

R&B singer and actress Mary J. Blige is starting to reinvigorate herself on the romantic end after a well-publicized divorce from her former husband and ex-manager Kendu Issacs.

Blige, 48, and Issacs, 50, finalized their divorce quietly and peacefully in March of 2018 right before Blige’s participation in last year’s Oscar festivities. The “All That I Can Say” songstress and her ex-husband went through a tumultuous legal battle that dragged on for years before the pair finally settled their divorce.

In public interviews and even during performances in front of her fans, Blige was very vocal about what she went through during her divorce. In court, Issacs played the victim card by using his status as the financially weaker spouse and convinced a judge to grant him spousal support on Blige’s dime to the tune of $30,000 dollars a month.

Issacs initially requested over $100,000 dollars monthly during the lengthy divorce battle in court. Blige said that she was depressed during the days leading up to her divorce and enduring the legal circumstances simultaneously “made her feel like nothing.” 

However, less than a full year after her discrete divorce settlement with Issacs was finalized, Blige is starting to live again.

The sexy soul songbird recently posted a picture of herself on Instagram sitting in a boat at sea wearing a two-piece swimsuit. The photo got a quarter million likes after she shared it with her 3.7 million followers. Blige also recently appeared on BBC Radio 1Xtra during an on-air show and was interviewed by DJ Ace.

During that interview, Blige told the popular disc jockey she has obviously learned from her marriage to Issacs that being seriously involved romantically with a man with far less to lose than her is not a good idea. She had a smart answer when she was asked in her interview what makes her take a man seriously.

“Well, he has to have more money than me, that’s for sure, because I’m not taking care of any more men,” Blige responded.

Also, a recent web talk show episode on the Fly Nubian Queen social media page revealed that Blige is dating a wealthy African man who squires her around in a bulletproof automobile. The man even has his own personal security detail and owns an abundance of real estate properties.






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