Mary J Blige Shares The Secrets To Her Cover-girl Body


mary on shape magBy: Krystle Crossman

Mary J. Blige is a strong, beautiful, and successful woman. She has won nine Grammys, has had a ton of hit records, and is happily married. Recently the 42 year old singer was on the cover of Shape magazine where she proudly showed off her very toned abs. During her interview with the magazine she revealed some of the ways that she keeps herself in such great shape even with her hectic schedule.

Blige says that she does cardio as her main source of exercise. The singer and actor says she likes to run outside as opposed to running on a treadmill and she tries to run 6 to 8 miles per week if time allows. She says that even if she is in a bad mood she still goes running and it boosts her mood back up.

As she has gotten older she has had to change up her workouts a little bit as her body has gone through different changes. She also does strength training with a trainer and also took up swimming recently to help boost her cardio workouts. She said that it was pretty hard at first because she had to to learn how to swim first but once she learned about the proper breathing technique it was much easier.

For her diet, Blige says that she has cut out dairy and gluten. She also sticks to a low-carb diet as much as possible. Before her cover shoot with Shape she stopped eating sugar for three weeks. One of the biggest changes in her diet was cutting out alcohol completely. She has not had a drink in over a year and says that she feels so much better for it. Everything that she is doing seems to be working for her because she looks great!



  1. I am so glad she came out with this diet statement & info because when every day African-American or recent college Grads. Inform our community of our healthy diet changes we are ridiculed for no longer “eating Black”

  2. Love love love Mary J! So proud to see her on Shape’s cover cause its rare to see an African American in the pages of let alone on the cover of Shape. I know because I have had a subscription before….
    Glad to see her showing her body in a HEALTHY and Inspirational way!!! Setting a great example of what can be done with commitment and sacrifice for YOURSELF YOUR LIFE!!!
    One of my favorite artists…. Have followed you since you came out and so happy that you’ve come full circle and are happily healthy! Fierce in your forties!!!

  3. Very beautiful and an inspiration for all women, but particularly for black women. Girl, you are looking real fine. Keep up with the good work you have achieved sooooooooooooo much.

  4. This Sista Has evolved, empowered,enlightened, and inspired Women (especially Sistas’of color)every since the 411! She’s been fierce since day(411) one and remains relevant to this very day, as her close friend Tamar Braxton would say;(!
    This progression of her being on the cover story of Shape magazine is phenomenal and has propmpted me to renew my subscription after years of lapsing with Shape magazine. All Hail to the Queen of Hip Hop & Soul!!!
    Sandra E. Sweeting

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