McDonald’s Claims To Be Phasing Out “Antibiotic Chicken”


By: Krystle Crossman

When you eat at a fast food restaurant do you think about what is in the food that you are eating? McDonald’s has been under fire for years for its chicken and what those chickens are raised with. The fast food giant uses meat from chickens that are raised with human growth hormones and antibiotics. When people eat these antibiotics over time their body will develop a resistance to them. When someone with this built up resistance gets sick and needs antibiotics their options become smaller and smaller as the medicine will do nothing for them. Finally McDonald’s has made a very important announcement. They are phasing out the chicken that is raised with antibiotics.

The Pew Charitable Trusts has an antibiotic resistance project. Gail Hansen, the senior officer of the project, says that this turn of events is a huge step. It will not only help the restaurant gain some credibility but it will help its patrons. It could be a big step in changing the menus of all fast food restaurants down the line. The use of antibiotics in fast food is a big problem and a big health hazard for the general public.

The process of phasing out the old chicken and bringing in the new will take approximately two years. The people that raise the chickens give them the hormones to make sure that the chickens are large and produce a lot of meat. The antibiotics are given because there are thousands of chickens all in one spot and if one is sick they could all get sick. They are given the antibiotics as a preventive measure to make sure the whole flock does not die.

McDonald’s is also rethinking their milk supply. They will be getting milk that comes from cows who are antibiotic and hormone-free as well. The president of McDonald’s, Mike Andres, says that customers want to be able to feel good about what they are eating and so the company is going to take the steps that they can in order to give the customer what they want. The chicken and the milk are the first steps but the company has not banned antibiotics completely. Perhaps after the chicken they will rethink the suppliers of their other meats as well.


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