Meagan Good and Hubby Pen New Book Encouraging Celibacy; Is It Realistic?


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Love is in the air in Hollywood. Power couple DeVon Franklin and Meagan Good took their time when it came to love. They both waited to get married until they were absolutely positive that they had found the right person for them. They are very open and honest about how their relationship came to be and the fact that they both waited such a long time to get married.

The couple is so sure about the way that their relationship worked out that they are trying to speak to others and let them know that it is okay if they don’t find love early and how no one should settle for someone who truly doesn’t care. They have co-authored a book called The Wait. It explains how we tend to get anxiety if we don’t become a bride within a certain amount of time and how we beat ourselves up into thinking that we will never find love. True love is not something that can be rushed. It takes patience, hard work, and understanding.

While the book’s main focus is on waiting until you find the one person that you believe that you are meant to be with, it also applies to life in general. If you are waiting for that big promotion and begin to feel like there is no hope, keep at it because things like this take time. This is especially true of a marriage. You want to really make sure that you are with the right person, not just acting like you really care about someone but really just feel so-so about the relationship. If you are going to enter into a marriage you want to make sure that you are in it for life with the right person, no matter what age you are.



  1. Diana Ross sang, ‘You can’t hurry love;’ Not true. It depends on the overall circumstances. Every situation is different. Some folk are able to discern at initial meeting, that their relationship will result in marriage. Time is irrelevant, and it is also relative. As for celibacy, it is a matter of discipline, to prove one’s ability to “control” one’s sexuality, it could be a covert/overt latent mental illness/defect, or it maybe one’s need to prove and/or to set oneself apart from the crowd. Celibacy is a matter of definition and what one means by celibacy, because there is mental sex. Marriage can definitely be considered a contract/business and should be binding in such a manner as it is with some folk. As for love, who can determine what it is? You know it when you know it. I often say love is, ‘the mental and physical maturity of two persons in the presence of emotional cohesiveness.’ Age is not necessarily a factor; of course it may be. After all, in this Country, we are a Nation of laws.

  2. I think Meagan Good and her hubby need to shut up…yesterday!
    These two are really just getting their feet wet in their marriage and therefore they haven’t put in enough time as a couple yet to be dispensing so much advice.
    They’re really sounding like they want to convince themselves as much as the people they’re advising.

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