Meagan Good To Christians: I’m Not Sorry I Sent My Husband [email protected] Photos


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By: Krystle Crossman

The iCloud hackers that have been leaking nude celebrity photos all over the internet got to a woman who is married to a minister and she is receiving a lot negative feedback for it. Actress Meagan Good is married to minister Devon Franklin. They both identify themselves as Christians. Many Christian followers stated that Good was not Christian for sending those types of photos to her husband. Good has sent out a rebuttal to those who are criticizing her.

Questions were raised as to why a good Christian woman with a husband who is a man of the cloth would be sending out photos where she is baring everything. Good responded that she and Franklin do not send these types of photos to each other regularly. She had been away filming for months and wanted to send him a little something while she was gone. Someone reposted Good’s photo that had been leaked and criticized her for it. Another follower on social media responded with the comment, “How righteous is that union if y’all infatuated with the flesh”. Another person stated that she was only with her husband for the money which almost seemed to be more insulting to Good than anything else.

Good released a second statement a few days later and said that she was really disappointed in all of the judgment that was coming from people that she considered to be her brothers and sisters. She stated that she had faith in God and that this is all a part of his plan somehow and she knew that she would be okay. Good also reminded people that she and her husband were the ones who had been violated. Their private moments were stolen from someone and distributed for the public to be seen. The photos were meant to be between two people and two people only, not the entire world.

The actress has had judgment from her Christian brothers and sisters before. At the 2013 BET Awards she wore an outfit that bared quite a bit of her chest and her cleavage. She responded that God made women the way he did for a reason and there was nothing wrong with trying to be s*xy.



  1. Why is she getting slack for sending nude pics to her HUSBAND? That is crazy! She should not be sorry. That is between her and her husband. It is not her fault that some LOSER decided to hack her account and obtain her nude pics. This hacking is getting out of hand and is stupid! Please catch these folks that are doing it. And I hope all victims sue the pants off of the hackers and the websites that chose to show these pics.

  2. so true, I have a daughter who I’m trying keep right until that time with telling her that it will be all good between her and her husband when it happens, so hearing so called christians speak like this is disturbing because they make it seem like what’s the point in waiting if you can’t do anything…………..

  3. This is just a bunch of crap. I don’t understand why celebrities are constantly taking nude photos and then putting them out there for the public to see. I am sick of these nasty women who feel they have to exhibit themselves to be relevant. I don’t care what this skank has done. The public would not have criticized her if she had kept it private, ask yourself how people found out about this, she let the world know what was not their business and hoped people would comment so she would get a few minutes of fame by pretending to defend what no one cares about. You all fell for the publicity game again!

  4. Herman Hawkins Jr. on

    Why does anybody, married or single, celebrity or everyday person, take risky photos of themselves and expect them to remain private especially with today’s advanced technology. Nothing that goes through email is private even if is meant to be. Anyone can get access and if they are nosy enough they will achieve it. Being of the Christian faith is reason enough NOT to do such foolishness and perversion anyway, especially if the husband is a man of the cloth. My advice to this couple and anyone else who takes these lewd pictures that to avoid such controversy in the future, like the title of a Funkadelic song in the 1970’s:IF YOU DON’T LIKE THE EFFECT, DON’T PRODUCE THE CAUSE!

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