Meagan Good’s Hubby Says Singles Should Be More Open About Future Spouses; He Said He’d Never Date an Actress


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

DeVon Franklin is the Senior Vice President for Columbia Tristar Pictures. He is one of the youngest to ever be in that position. He has overseen countless movies such as the remake of Sparkle, The Karate Kid, and also Hancock and The Pursuit of Happiness. Franklin is also a preacher and a motivational speaker but he most commonly known as actress Meagan Good’s husband. His life hinges on his faith. He has been a featured guest on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday.

Franklin was speaking on a “Life Class” on OWN and he mentioned that he almost missed out on true love because he had a rule that he would never date an actress. He was very adamant about that rule…until he met Deception actress, Meagan Good.

After saying this he said that his advice to singles is not to limit themselves and limit their possibilities when it comes to finding love. If you find someone that is perfect for you but they don’t fit your exact “dating material mold”, don’t discount them as someone that you should be with. You could miss out on a great thing in life if you push away anyone who does not meet your exact criteria.

Meagan had also said that she was never interested in dating a minister, yet she found something in Franklin that she couldn’t let go of. Franklin says that the fastest way to make something happen for you in life is to say that you will never do it. Once you put this out in the world it is almost like the universe wants to test you to see if that is really true. He said that he wishes that everyone would or could understood patience and that if you wait, good things will happen for you.



  1. This article would lead one believe that neither would condone public inappropriateness. HA! How hypocritical. The way she looked during her last public appearance…really! She is the poster girl for why a minister of GOD should chose a more appropriate wife.

  2. What was inappropriate yesterday is no longer inapprpriate today. So does that really matter in the big picture.
    She is attractive. Maybe the Minister prayed to find a woman like her. When he feels that urge we all feel–naughty, he can go home to a thong. That will be better than finding a thong in the congregation like most Ministers do.

  3. I don’t understand this article at all. The title says he would never date an actress, which is a stupid and judgemental thing to say at best. Not every actress is without morals and values.

    He is an attractive man who found an attractive woman to be with. Minister or not, he is still a man and has a normal hormonal drive. They still want someone who will stir their passions.

    Incidentally, what was inappropriate dress in the past is STILL inappropriate. Only values and morals have changed, not the truth.

    This article is garbage. He isn’t saying anything inspiring or new.

  4. It sounds like some are a little bitter with the comments that I have read. I would just like to say “ONLY GOD OPINIONS” matter. Just because someone was wrong and then they own up to it and correct themselves doesn’t mean they are hypocrit. He actually inspired me because I always said “I would not date outside my race”. People today just don’t get it but you wonder why you are single, not married or being cheated on is because you are worried about the wrong things. How can you say what’s appropriate or not? That’s their marriage and apprantely it’s appropriate for their marriage, you worry about you and yours. I understand its ones opinion but really? Talk about the positives, I mean as an African American I’m saying we need MORE BLACK MARRIAGES. I’m going to wrap this up by saying “Shame on you” for calling someone a “HO”, I do believe the correct word you’re looking for is “WHORE” but anyway you shouldn’t display such mean, hateful & hurting words like that because to me it sounds like jealousy and coming from a lonely and angry person. Bottom line, no one has a right to judge anyone because “I KNOW FOR A FACT YOUR CLOSETS AREN’T SQUEAKY CLEAN” whether it’s past or present and how do you know who or what she is? Personally, I think they are a Beautiful Couple and they were both lucky to find each other. Have a Good Day!

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