Meet Antonia Opiah: Inventor of NYC’s First Mobile Hair Salon for Black Women


By Victor Trammell

Hair care and styling is a vast, multi-billion dollar industry in America.

However, black women represent themselves as consumers in the marketplace of beauty supply stores and salons far more often than they are representing themselves as merchants. However, there are black women in the U.S. like Antonia Opiah (pictured) who are an exception to the unwritten rules.

Opiah is an established entrepreneur from Brooklyn, New York. She is a trailblazer in the lucrative world of hair care and beauty supply for black women across New York City and the nation. Opiah has gotten very informative articles published by The Huffington Post, which report the revolutionary changes going on within the hair care industry.

Opiah’s Huffington Post articles are also widely popular. They contain topics on a variety of issues, such as the lack of diversity in the workplaces of global media sources. Opiah’s most recent innovation in her illustrious career involves an invention she concocted while collaborating with her sister Abigail.

During this collaboration, Opiah thought deeply about the needs of black women who are disabled, recovering from illnesses, or rehabilitating after accidents. Opiah and her sister Abigail then founded Yeluchi by Un-Ruly, the first-ever mobile beauty salon designed to service black women in the New York City area.

Yeluchi by Un-Ruly provides a variety of ethnocentric hairstyles for black women, such as  braided styles, box braids, twists, flat twists, corn rows, and sewed-in hair weaves. This week, James Washington, a regular contributor to  wrote the following about the history of Yeluchi by Un-Ruly:

“What led them them to come up with the idea was that both of them disliked the fact that they had to drive to hair salons and wait for their hair to be done, and with a little research, they discovered that there was no one providing that service in that marketplace thus decided to do it.” (

Opiah and her sister Abigail have created something that will definitely make a difference is the lives of the women who are at the lower and most disadvantaged socioeconomic end of their target market. To read more about Yeluchi by Un-Ruly mobile beauty salon, click the hyperlink of the source revealed below:






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