Meet Bayleigh Dayton: The First Black Miss Missouri USA


By Victor Trammell

A young, black beauty pageant winner who ran for Miss Missouri USA in 2013 has just made history by finally winning the contest three years later.

According to The Kansas City Star, Bayleigh Dayton (pictured center), 23, has just been crowned Miss Missouri USA 2016. Dayton, a resident of Lee Summit, Missouri also won Miss Congeniality for 2016. The flight attendant and print model re-entered the Miss Missouri USA pageant last year and ended up being a first runner-up, according to The Star.

Dayton is the very first black woman in history to win the Miss Missouri USA beauty pageant. She is a graduate of Baylor University and finished her high school career at Notre Dame de Sion Senior High in Kansas City, Missouri. Dayton competed in this year’s Miss Missouri USA pageant as the reigning Miss Kansas City.

“Last year when I entered, I knew that my road to pageantry wasn’t finished,” Dayton told The Star. “When I made top five last year I knew that I could do this. The insecurities weren’t there. It was easier for me to focus this year,” she continued.

But Dayton is not through with her mission to shoot for the stars as a famous beauty queen. She seeks to compete and gain national stardom next year during the Miss USA Pageant, which will be televised. Winning Miss Missouri USA automatically qualifies Dayton to compete in next year’s Miss USA Pageant.

If Dayton wins the Miss USA Pageant next year, she’ll be qualified to compete in the Miss Universe Pageant, which will be internationally televised. This would give her the opportunity to compete against women from all across the globe.

“It’s awesome to be able to put a face with a title,” Dayton also told The Star. “I’m obviously the first African-American titleholder in this position. Now girls have someone to look up to and can have an actual role model,” she added.

Congratulations to Bayleigh Dayton, the first black, beautiful, and newly crowned Miss Missouri USA! wishes her the best.




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