Meet Clennita Justice: A Successful Black Female Google Engineer


By Carolyn Tisdale

Better diversity at the nation’s tech companies by all means is a breakthrough where there are still ways to go in terms of progress.

The tech industry, for the most part, is still a predominantly white and male driven society within a society. Tech giant Google released a report with statistics on diversity at the firm in January 2015. This is something that most companies in that industry do not do.

According to Google’s diversity report, black people make up 2% of the company’s workforce. Women are also a stark minority at most tech firms. However, this post is about a black woman at Google who has taken great strides to become one of the company’s top managers.

Meet Clennita Justice (pictured), a Social Engineering Program Manager at Google. Justice began her journey at Google more than five years ago. The company hired her to create a division at the firm called Google ebooks. Currently, she performs research on users and Product Excellences.

Her work is concentrated on catering products to the most compatible users. This is part of Google’s new strategy, which is comprised of adopting as opposed to launching. Infrastructure is a particular area of focus in the work Justice does.

Justice is originally from Los Angeles, California. She received her master’s degree in computer science from Howard University. She studied this field at Howard at a time when the internet was not as prevalent as it is today. She has an uncle who previously worked for IBM.

Her uncle initially insisted that she pursue a degree in business. She actually began this journey at Denver University where she was a business major for about one year. However, after getting an A in a class on DOS programming, she became eager to shift her primary career focus to the field of technology.

Justice is self-taught when it comes to HTML and JavaScript. These are skills she became interested in as the internet became more dominant in the world of commerce and business organization. During her time studying Computer Science, someone told her that they didn’t think she’d last at the university studying computer science.

Not only did Justice outlast people who began their studies with her, she got the best job offer out of anybody in her class after graduating. Justice is a staunch advocate of self-educating even with a formal degree.

“Anyone who gets into tech has to be a constant learner. That’s how you stay relevant,” said Justice in an interview reported by





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