Meet Ines Rau; The Transgender Model Who Made Headlines With Tyson Beckford in Racy Photos


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Ines Rau says she has always known where her true place in the world was. As a woman. The Paris-born model underwent gender reassignment surgery at the young age of 16. She knew then that she wasn’t what she felt that she should be, so she did something about it. She became a model after a scout in Paris found her. She identifies her French background as French-North African.

Rau says that she gained courage to speak up about being a transgender model from the book I Am Woman by Tula. Rau said that she read the book twice. It helped her to realize that she shouldn’t be hiding who she truly was and should embrace what she wanted to become. And so she did. Her career is coming along nicely and she has a lot of great photoshoots that have recently been released. One of these projects is a shoot with supermodel Tyson Beckford where both models were nude and thoroughly sensual. She also did a shoot for Lurve Magazine as well as an artistic issue of American Playboy. These projects debuted in September and October.

Rau gave some advice to kids who are transgendered and are scared about showing who they really are on the inside and out. She told them that they need to follow their hearts. They know what the right life is for themselves and they shouldn’t be afraid to do what it is that they need to do to ensure they can live the life they wish. She also says that it is important that they talk to a specialist, or a few specialists, before they decide on changing their bodies to make sure it is what they really want and to make sure they are prepared. Rau says that she is happier than she has ever been and that is because she is living in the body that she feels that she was truly meant to have.



  1. I thought this was Beyonce… I think folk like this, especially this good looking must make sure any man getting involve with you knows you are/was a man from the get go to avoid heartache and anger because some men will get very upset to discover the truth down the line

    • Not only get upset Linda, but actually kill if discovered that the “woman “who they were with was actually a man!!! Bottom line, live your life the way you see fit for God gave us the gift of Freewill but if you’re going to do what the person in the above article did, then be honest with him/her & let them choose whether or not if they still want to deal with you!! As long as you keep it real, then do you!! :*


    • Proof the world has gone crazy. A real women being attacked for being thankful for what she is & what her God has man her.. You are not alone. Continue to be Blessed! Never underestimate stupid people in large numbers.

  3. Chanel Andrews. on

    D. Cesaire.. you may be born a woman but obviously not a LADY.. and i doubt that someone who spouts out so much thanks for GOD would be so hateful in your remarks. GOD loves all.. man, woman, animal and plant. And if you were educated you would realize that the spectrum of gender identities is a large and varied one.

    • D. Cesaire; That is not being hateful. She spoke her thoughts and the actual truth of the matter. This is the work of man’s hands and not God. This transgender will have to stand before God in the judgement. What makes you think that speaking the truth is unGodly! You are contrary to God’s word and don’t even know it. You are what your biological make up was at birth. God don’t make mistakes. Need help figuring this out?, look between your legs!
      Born into sin but delivered from it thanks be to my Lord Jesus who delivers all from sin, corruption and every evil desire, even the evil intents of our own hearts.

    • D. Cesaire say that was so hateful?? You’re the hateful one! Nothing she said should have been offensive to you or anyone else! She didn’t say that God doesn’t love all, she was just thanking Him for making her the way she did, and there is NOTHING wrong with that. Don’t be ridiculous.

  4. Angelina B. Honest on

    God has nothibg to do with YOUR opinions. God brought you in this world. you make the decision to speak and do whatever you choose. yes ..the model will always be a man …no surgery in the world will ever allow HIM to have a period or a child. ….thats a fact. the truth is that he is happy. let him enjoy his life in peace. no need to judge ….God will. until then find some love in your heart and time not to care. mazel nazel

  5. To all of the “female” negative critics here, I’m going to do my best to write this in english, because it is not my native language. I am a man and to me this beautiful creature is a woman. The possibility to have a baby doesn’t make you a woman, there are enough infertile biological women to prove that. Also having a period doesn’t make you more woman to me. Women who stop having their period don’t stop being a woman either. I would prefer to meet her than you all, unless she is whining and judging like you so-called “ladies” . Considering what SHE has been through, my guess is SHE is a lovely couragous woman trying to help others and that to me is a real lady.

    • thank you for your words Corneel. I am a born woman and can only imagine how difficult it would be to be born into the wrong gender body. Your words express compassion and tolerance, something that is sorely needed in this world, from men and women alike.

    • Here’s the problem with your logic.

      Just because he/she or shim has been sliced and diced. Shim is still a male. WHY?


      • Regina,
        Life is not all about logic (for me that is). You must feel very superior with your correct chromosomes. I don’t care about chromosomes. After all, we do not communicate with our fellow citizens as a bunch of chromosomes to another bunch of chromosomes, but as human beings . What I do care about is empathy, respect and care, none of these seem to be one of your capacities when I read your very condesending “sliced and diced” comment. Do you realise how much these comments might hurt the transgender community? I’m here to tell that community that they shouldn’t listen to people like you and make their dreams come true.

        • Who cares about the transgender community? They need to grow a set. Oops, did I say that? You are right, when you are not concerned with logic. Even sliced and diced they are still the same sex they are born with. What you are trying to rationalize your sexuality.

          Like an actor said, it is easier to dig a pole than to build one.

        • BTW, I know several who have been sliced and diced and now are regretting it. What it still boils down to is that your paramours are way too fv.cked up.

          • Dear Regina,
            Even if you think these people are f***ed up, and i assume that you are referring to their minds just as much as to the fact that they are ‘sliced and diced’, everybody, EVERYBODY on this planet has a right, no, the obligation to pursue their fulfillment, even if it leads to mistakes. I doubt that you know ‘several of them’ because if you did, you would not speak so carelessly about their ordeals but respect their complicated and painful struggles

          • Sigrid, not only do I know several transsexuals, I fired three because of their mental problems.

            I conduct background checks from conception to grave. One idiot called in and said, she could not come in due to m-en-s-t-r-a-l cramps. I reminded her of her sexual status and that I knew about her non existent sex change, I fired her on the spot. I told Miss Thang, you were not born with a u-e-t-e-r-u-s, o-v-a-r-i-e-s, or fa-ll-op-ian tubes, so how can you call in the office for a day off for cramps?

            As for their pain and complicated struggles. Big deal. It is called “LIFE”. Grow up and get over it. Isn’t that what you tell blacks who have been discriminated.

            BTW, those I fired tried to sue me and my company. They lost with the EEOC and they lost the civil suit I filed against them. They cannot file bankruptcy to get rid of my company’s judgement against them.

            So if I offended you, grow a set or better yet buy a set.

      • exactly! surgery can never change one’s DNA. Corneel, you feel like it’s ok for France to pay for these types of “gender reassignment” surgeries when there are ppl living in France who are starving, homeless, etc.? if you want to be with this type of individual, GO RIGHT AHEAD! but don’t try and condemn those with differing viewpoints :/

  6. and I ‘d rather spend tax money on her surgery than on her ending up killing herself because of haters like you or ending up in psychiatry for the rest of her life where she probably would be if she would have continued living as a man , just to sooth your short-sighted ladybrains. ( and that might cost even more).

    • I would not spend a dime on her or you. As for my ladybrains, my brains are fine. It’s yours that are too sissified to stand up the standards of a man.

      Her kind should pay for their own surgery and needs. Welfare $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ should be spent on worthless items.

      • Dear Regina,
        Even if you think these people are f***ed up, and i assume that you are referring to their minds just as much as to the fact that they are ‘sliced and diced’, everybody, EVERYBODY on this planet has a right, no, the obligation to pursue their fulfillment, even if it leads to mistakes. I doubt that you know ‘several of them’ because if you did, you would not speak so carelessly about their ordeals but respect their complicated and painful struggles.

        • Dear Sigrid,
          leave that bitch alone. My suspicions are hereby confirmed: regina herself is a vessel flooding with troubles. She’s a sick crazy hater, who probably has a miserable fucked up life. No one hates that much otherwise. Let her drown in that misery – she deserves it. You, on the other hand, sound sweet, wonderful and much loved. I bet that’s all she ever wanted, sad old troll that she is. In her eyes when you are compasionate (she still has to learn what that is) you are either trans or a sissi. In her fucked up mind it is not possible just to care about transgenders or anyone else for that matter. She ‘s not worth any more attention, whatever craziness she will come up with next.

  7. You was born a man but in the wrong body,that is okay you are a beautiful woman.I would be glad to take you out on date.

  8. BlkfootBLAQUEI on

    There are people on here that is so lost they have no ideal what they are making reference to. If I had been born with a penis, I WOULDN’T KNOW HOW TO ACT! LOL, I would have the best of both worlds because of the way the world is these days. My sexual life would be so satisfying, let alone the pleasure I could give others. I wouldn’t have a operation, that would be smothering out my complete joy and happiness. There are people who wouldn’t want to bring children into this crazy insane world. Nope, I rather be free to be me. Just think about how I can be a guy one day and turn around apply my make up and heels and be a woman. I can see all lined up at my door, especially the females.

  9. Rationalizing and defending a person based on a sex change operation and arguing with either a male or female against common sense semantics? This is sadly laughable, sadly.
    Twisted logic about DNA vs how one personally feels on the inside vs fulfillment ending in denial and resentment sprinkling God into the mix with judgement quotes taken out of context and you end up with bull dung!
    Gay males arguing with actual woman, gay females arguing with actual men about who’s right..please. sadly laughable.

  10. Doesn’t matter these dr’s can pretend to be god and snip an cut all they want but what was born male/female still is regardless of man’s need to pretend. Therapy should be their lifetime membership and if a person has had the surgery they should be honest and tell their partner instead of placing them in their web of lies. My opinion don’t like it don’t read this.

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