Meet Murendwa: At 25 She Is a Multimillionaire


By: Isabella Carson

Murendwa Mmabasotho Mukwevho, a Johannesburg resident, has had great success and she is only 25 years old. She owns businesses that range in services from printing to logistics. She is now listed as a multimillionaire. Her mother passed away giving birth to her and her twin brother but her family was a great influence in her life. Her brother went on to become a doctor in London. She stayed in Johannesburg and thought about a career in nursing. She stated that she had always wanted to help people. But as she grew up she watched the success of all of the entrepreneurs in her family and decided that she wanted to be as successful as they were.

Her first company is called Mukwevho Enterprises. The services offered are transportation services. She stated that she has a fleet of trucks that will go to furniture dealers and transport the furniture to customers. She took over the business fully in 2011 when she was just 21 years old. Her father helped her to get the company started. He owns a fleet of taxis as well as a few other businesses and so he had a lot of knowledge to bring to the table. Mukwevho said that one of her father’s friends runs her business franchise which is located in Chicago, IL.

In 2013 Mukwevho bought a company called Phomolong Guest House which is located in Maseru, Lesotho. She also owns PMN Properties. This is a company that buys land and then develops properties that are sold and rented to residents. Mukwevho owns a printing service and internet café that helps teach students to read. This company is called Morenda Printing Services. MNM Events is another company that is owned by Mukwevho and does party planning and event planning. Even though she owns and runs all of these businesses she still finds time to work as an editor for SABC (South African Broadcasting Company). She enjoys the work that she does there and says that she does not want to leave it.

So how did this amazing young woman find all of her success? She attributes it all to being lucky with the circumstances that she was given in life. Her father is a multimillionaire as well but always told his children that his money was his and they would have to earn their own if they wanted to become rich. Both of them did just that.



  1. This is what some of these spoiled rich kids parents need to make them do earn their own money somehow they think they are entitled to their parents money and some times kill the parents to get their money and think they can get away with it these parents better wake up and plant this in their heads their money is their money and if they want to become rich they need to work for it but it will not hurt if the parents help a little to start them off

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