Meet Mykhael Michaels: Founder Of Mrs. Earth; the Leading Black Owned Int’l Pageant For Married Women


Michael StaffordBy Nomalanga Mhlauli-Moses

Having participated and enjoyed a wonderful pageant experience at Mrs. Earth last year, it gave me great pleasure to interview the founder and Executive Director Mykhael Michaels. What I truly appreciate about the Mrs. Earth pageant is that it nurtures a culture of building lifelong friendships,  support, encouragement and personal development while also assisting all the contestants to build and promote their platforms and causes.

Below is my interview with Mykhael Michaels:

1) What is your name and what do you do?

I am Mykhael Michaels, I am a professional entertainer and the executive director of the Mrs./Ms. Earth International pageant system.

2) Please tell us how you help your contestants and clients accomplish their health, fitness and wellness goals.

The pageant itself motivates the contestants to look their personal best. We encourage contestants to focus on what fitness means to them. This year we have teamed up with “IT Works” a nutrition supplement company and we have added the “It Works” Body Dream Challenge. You can join the challenge too. During the pageant production we talk about each contestants fitness story, to show other women that they can do the same too. Ask yourself what do I do to stay fit? Play tennis, kick boxing, running around after the kids? We celebrate the contestant that we feel has best exemplified what it means to be fit.

3) The “spotlight” at is typically on women but you were selected for the spotlight, in part, because you’re the founder and creator of the Ms./Mrs Earth Pageant; the leading international Black owned pageant for married women.

What was your motivation for starting this pageant?

In a nut shell to celebrate all types of women, make them feel special, and to motivate positive behavior. The pageant gives women a unique opportunity to challenge themselves to be the best women they can be. As contestant at Mrs./Ms. Earth you have a chance to network with women from all over the Earth. We love that we give women the platform to promote and highlight a personal cause internationally.

4) What advice do you have for women who want to build a platform and compete in pageants at the international level?

Make a plan and put it into action! Think about a cause that you have always felt strongly about. It could be an ailment or a negative situation that you have overcome. Whatever you choose become an expert on that topic and any topics related. Have the ability to clearly communicate the issues and most importantly know how to rectify them.

5) Is there anything else you’d like to share with the Healthy Black Woman community ?

We are currently casting contestants for the next Mrs./Ms. Earth International pageant. If you or maybe someone you know has what it takes to be the best and win the crown then we want to hear from you now. Give us a call now at: (219) Beauty 1 or visit us at:

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  1. Regina (Have Faith) on

    I had the opportunity to attend a Mrs. Earth International Pageant. It was remarkable. Mr. Michaels is an amazing person with wonderful talent. I encourage everyone to attend his amazing Pageant.

  2. Really its a wonderful initiative to encourage women for their unconditional love and support for their family and for their nation, the women will get the international platform to meet other side of the earth women and collectively they will work to promote to save our mother earth. God bless you MR Michales for your Nobel venture.

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