Meet Raynell Steward: The Black Woman Who Made $1 Million in 1.5 Hours


By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: WSDU-TV

On this year’s past “Cyber Monday” during America’s annual post-Thanksgiving consumer feeding frenzy, a black woman-owned brand made a killing.

According to Essence Magazine, a cosmetics brand called The Crayon Case set the world on fire by raking in $1 million dollars worth of sales on Cyber Monday in just 90 minutes. This brand’s special eye shadow palette called “Box of Crayons” is a specifically a big hit with die-hard patrons.

The Crayon Case beauty imprint was started in 2017 by Raynell Steward, a native of New Orleans, Louisiana who also goes by Wuzzam Supa (aka Supa Cent). Under these pseudonyms, Steward uses her social media and YouTube platforms to post videos for her fans, which are generally received as hillarious and down-to-earth.

“Million Dollar Day in an hour and a half…GOD THANK YOU!!” Steward posted on Instagram.

Steward’s viral fan base has swelled over the past year. However, the self-proven marketing and business guru actually got her first taste of semi-stardom with a 2011 appearance on Kitchen Nightmares with psycho celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey.

The Crayon Case website’s About page describes other amazing feats accomplished by Steward. She launched a podcast called Da Soup Kitchen and gained a number of offers from television production companies to do reality television shows.

However, Steward’s great success story has not evolved without struggle. Children’s crayon manufacturer Crayola released a cosmetics line, which infringed on Steward’s brand name.

Nonetheless, The Crayon Case has beaten the odds by showing that a black woman who used to be a waitress can rake in Amazon numbers in the eCommerce world.

Steward has successfully combined her passion for cooking, beauty, and love of humor into a lifestyle, which has made her brand into a movement. This movement has attracted a massive body of followers who are predominantly black women that relate to Steward’s personality and life experiences.

She showed her appreciation on Cyber Monday 2018 by offering 60 percent off The Crayon Case merchandise that was purchased on its website.

If you have not already done so, start supporting today and shop online for Steward’s collection of beauty products by visiting here.





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