Meet Tara Reed: She Creates Apps Without Coding For A Living


By Victor Trammell

Today, black women are one of the fastest-growing entrepreneur demographics in America. This is due to the fact that black women are disappearing in workplaces within a number of professional industries.

The actions that black women are taking to start their own businesses are commendable. It takes a lot of willpower to step out on faith by deciding to no longer ask corporate America for acceptance and take your career in your own hands. Tara Reed (pictured) is a black women in America who has stepped out on that very same faith.

Reed was recently profiled by Black Enterprise Magazine. She is a former Microsoft employee who applied for  funding from 500 Startups, one of the best business accelerator programs on earth. Reed was able to attain funding despite not having the fundamental skillset to create the digital product her company produces.

Reed created an app called Kollecto, a digital platform that helps younger, well-to-do art enthusiasts find paintings, sculptures, etc. to decorate their homes with. Reed developed Kollecto even though she doesn’t know how to write code, which is a key component of app creation.

However, Reed understood other very important elements of crafting a successful product: Marketing and gaining digital traction.

“I had this crazy set of tools that I was stringing together to create an experience that felt like cool technology to my users, but really, I was using surveys in a really fancy way,” Reed said in her interview with Black Enterprise.

“Every week, I would load up a ton of artwork that had been curated by my team, and all these pieces of artwork had tags on them based on their price and on the type of artwork they were. I would send people an email that would basically send them to a dynamic survey that was hiding and showing pieces of art based off of the preferences they chose when they [initially]signed up,” she continued.

These moves Reed and her team made quickly generated $35,000 in discretionary income. Kollecto is currently a very successful product, which is reaching a growing number of satisfied users.

At a recent NCAA basketball game at the home field house of the University of North Carolina’s Tar Heels, the great Michael Jordan infamously said, “The ceiling is the roof.” Nobody necessarily understood what Jordan meant as he spoke in front a capacity crowd at his alma mater.

Ultimately, everyone took Jordan’s words as credible regardless of the fact that he may have misspoke. However, a ceiling is certainly not glass, the limit, or the roof for successful black women like Reed who thrive as entrepreneurs.




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