Meet the Four Incredible Black Women Who Won Beyonce’s Formation Scholarship


By: Krystle Crossman

Beyonce has started the BeyGood Foundation which hands out scholarships to phenomenal young women. The first four prizes were handout this week. They went to women who are currently enrolled in college programs, maintain at least a 3.5 GPA, and wrote a compelling essay about how Beyonce’s pivotal visual album “Lemonade” helped to inspire them in their educational pursuits. Here are the four women who earned $25,000 each towards their education:

Avery Youngsblood – Avery attends college at the Parsons School of Design. Prior to going to Parsons, she completed a dual major at Stanford University, Comparative Studies and Linguistics. At Parsons, she is focusing on social interactions within multicultural neighborhoods. She will be starting an internship with Major League Baseball as a design intern.

Bria Paige – Bria is currently at Spelman College as a junior. She is studying English with a concentration in black feminist thought. The president of Spelman College, Mary Schmidt Campbell, said that she is always inspired by Beyonce because she is so focused on listening to women who think for themselves and think outside of the box. She also said that Bria was a great candidate for this award because she is going to do wonderful things with the knowledge and confidence that she has.

Maya Rogers РIn 2013, Maya Rogers suffered a traumatic brain injury that threatened to take all of her hopes and dreams away. She fought through and went on to pursue a graduate degree in Musical Therapy at Howard University. She is a singer/songwriter who wants to share the power of music therapy with anyone that will listen. Music therapy played a pivotal role in her recovery from her injury and she wants to be able to help other who are going through what she did and show them that recovery is possible.

Sadiya Ramos – Sadiya is majoring in dance at the Boston Conservatory of Berklee. She has been dancing since she was six years old. During the summer while she is on break from school she is going to be training in San Francisco with Alonzo King’s Line Ballet. The executive director, Cathy Young, said that Sadiya is an extremely talented young woman who is going to go far in the dance world and that she is full of life and energy.

All four of these women display confidence and intelligence. They are furthering their education so that they can inspire others.



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