Melissa Harris-Perry Shares Her Painful Past Before a Successful Surrogacy


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

MSNBC commentator Melissa Harris Perry and her husband James Perry welcomed a new member into their family last week. Everyone had assumed that the couple adopted, but that was not the case. Harris-Perry wrote an article for MSNBC and shared the details behind her heartbreak and then joy when it came to having children.

After the easy birth of her first daughter, a decade ago, she thought that she was going to have an easy time getting pregnant again. Then she found out that she had uterine fibroids. Finally after exhausting every possible treatment and medication for the fibroids she decided that it was time to have her uterus removed. She said that she cried for the children that she would never get to have. She was heartbroken.

After this heartbreak she began dating James. He loved her daughter Parker but wanted more children. Melissa was almost sure that she would not be able to have another baby as she could not carry a child. She then learned about surrogacy. She got all of her information about surrogacy from a friend who was going through the process. They learned all about the ups and the downs and the concerns that are most often brought up. In 2012 Melissa and James decided that surrogacy was the path for them and they began their search.

Since Melissa still had her ovaries she was able to have her eggs harvested so that the child that was to be conceived would biologically be hers and James’. They got quite a few embryos prepared and then found a surrogate. One day the surrogate delighted Melissa with a text with a photo of a positive pregnancy test. She said that even though the surrogate is not technically family, they still consider her part of theirs because she made such a great home for their child for nine months. On Valentine’s Day, their baby was born.

The surrogate and her family wish to remain out of the spotlight but will remain in contact with Melissa and James. The newest member of the family certainly will have no shortage of loving family members!



  1. What a wonderful and heartwarming story. Good for you Mrs. Harris-Perry in finding another alternative to have another child.

  2. I am sure Ms. Perry explored the option of a myomectomy, where just the fibroids, but not the uterus, is removed. Obviously this was not an option in her case. But for some with uterine fibroids it can work and pave the way to pregnancy, so those affected should know to ask about this.

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