Men Call for Repeal of 19th Amendment to Stop Women From Voting in November


By: Krystle Crossman

Over the last few weeks Donald Trump’s campaign has taken a major hit with female voters. Tapes were released of a conversation with Billy Bush from 2005 where Trump spoke about assaulting a married woman and that he could do pretty much anything because he was a “star”. Women everywhere are clamoring to educate other female voters as to why they should not be voting for Trump and why he cannot win the election. This has Trump’s male supporters up in arms and they are now calling for a major change after a poll was released by FiveThirtyEight, a news site that focuses on politics. The poll showed that if women only voted, Clinton would win the election by a landslide. The other poll that showed what would happen if only men voted showed Trump winning.

After these polls were unleashed on social media the responses came fast and furiously. Men took to social media with a new hashtag that calls for a change in the Constitution. The hashtag #ReapealThe19th is now trending. While some are just using the hashtag out of frustration because they think that their candidate is not going to win because of female voters, others are actually taking this seriously. They are calling to have the 19th Amendment, which guarantees a woman’s right to vote, repealed so that women do not get a vote. They want to take us back almost 100 years because of a poll that was released on the internet. Crazy isn’t it?

Some men said that women should stay out of politics. Others said that they would give up their right to vote if the amendment was repealed. Women are fighting back with Tweets of their own. One woman said that the only thing that surprised her about the #RepealThe19th tag was that Trump supporters knew more than the first two amendments. Another said that we have barely had the right to vote for 100 years and they better hold on for what is coming. These women are spreading the word that the future of this country is important and that women should look carefully at who they are voting for on November 8th. They feel that Trump’s words are dangerous and barely scratch the surface of his true character.



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