Men: Here is How You Can “Please” Your Woman


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Women are the more complex of the genders and hardly anyone will dispute that. There are however a few simple things that a man can keep in mind that will work for most women. When it comes to matters of the heart…and bedroom, there are three things that you can keep in mind that will go a long way towards “pleasing” your woman and showing her that you care.

1. Make love to her Mind

A lot of men could be in the middle of a crisis at work, horribly sick and what ever else you can think of and be able to pause and “relieve some stress”. Well, for most women that is not the case. Before you can make love to a woman, you have to take care of her state of mind first. If she is worried, be there for her so she can talk it out. Send her flowers for no reason or maybe even lighten her burden by doing a chore for her. If you can do something to positively change her state of mind, she will be more open to relaxing and being open to being “pleased”.

2. Ask her what she wants

Women are different and while it may seem obvious, it seems to elude many men when it comes to pleasing their women. You may have been able to touch here and press there with “what’s her name” and rocked her world but that does not apply to all women. Take the simple and direct route to her secrets-ask her.

3. Listen and pay attention

When you and your woman are being intimate, listen to her responses to your touch and listen to her body language. When you tune in and connect with a woman you’ll start to see that she reveals a lot and if you listen and pay attention, you will learn what pleases her. Even though you can ask her and she can tell you, listening to a woman’s body during intimacy can give you information that she may not be able to verbalize.


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  1. I am learning how to truly love my women with all of my mind, body and spirit… Every touch means something different and every little kiss tell her that I am here for you day and night and that we’ll walk together and I will protacet you with my life!!!

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