Men Reveal Why They Stop Being $exually Attracted To Their Wives


lost interestBy: Krystle Crossman

As you get older you may notice that your husband has started to lose interest in your or has acted like he is no longer attracted to you. According to men this is because as women age and as they tend to put on weight, they become less attractive due to the fact that men are programmed to look for young females that still have a good opportunity for fertility. While many women would take offense to this, there is validity to this theory.

Men are biologically programmed to reproduce, which means that they are programmed to go after a female who looks as though she will be able to reproduce with him. It is the same way for many other animals as well, so why couldn’t it be true for humans?

A man called into a talk show in response to the question of why men stop being attracted to their wives as time goes on and answered with the programming theory. A woman called in and angrily yelled at him telling him to grow up and get over himself. Honestly though, if she were a man, do you think the response would have been the same? Of course not. She accused him of using this as an excuse for men who cheat on their wives or leave them for younger women.

The host of the talk show thought that the man had a valid point. He pointed out that men do not want to think or act this way, but it is how nature programmed them. There is no switch in their brain that they can flip to the “off” position once they get married, he explained.

What do you think-is this a valid reason?



  1. This is a bunch of bullsiht. If an older man wants younger p*ssy, just say so. Stop using ghetto psychology to support their desire [NOT NEED] to get regular blowjobs. Older men don’t have the energy to chase after newborn babies, toddlers and young kids. They ain’t trying to make babies, they trying to keep their d*cks wet. Keep it real! Older women, if keep you man’s stomach full and his d*ck empty, he WONT be interested in young chics! Fertility my as*.


    • I only date women that are at-least 10 yrs my junior, that are in superb physical condition and well versed in the art of pleasure. It’s highly probable I will never experience the issues this article has addressed. Peace

    • thank you, feed him, bang him and give him a good drank he ain’t going no where!!! Quit trying to use sex as a weapon. Don’t have to be skinny just not sloppy fat!!!

    • lol, lol Really feed me and they will stay. No such animal. It is about self control, opportunity, access, economies of scale, security. Yet we not mention that people’s personalities and relationships changing constantly. It happens.

    • This statement may sound like bull but it is real. They don’t care if they have kids it’s not about the kids. They pick woman to marry based on the same reproducing theory. A full stomach and an empty dick will not make a man cheat proof. I know from experience & this man wanted a baby. Reproducing fir a man is very important. Believe it!!!!!

    • You are so right, it is a bunch of B.S. Men are allowed too often in our society to be immature, irresponsible, and unaccountable, simply because they are men. I don’t buy it and I don’t allow it from my husband. My husband is very mature, responsible, and accountable. We don’t have those issues. I’ve gained weight but still have to beat my husband off of me. There is no reason a man can not grow-up other than society and non- expectations.

  2. Spoken like a fat ass with no man. The women who keep their men don’t f**k away their youth on “ballets” or have multiple babies by those losers. They get married early and when their husbands lose interest they help him get by it or they make their peace with it.

    Make yours fatty.

    • If you don’t like who your with and think you can do better…Leave…but chances are.. the little young and in shape cutie that you desire probably will not desire the older guy.

    • Well Jay, I have a man and a damn good one at that. My husband is mature and knows what’s important. He has his priorities in order when it comes to knowing he has a good wife, and I have mine in order in knowing I have a good husband. Only someone immature with their priorities out of order would have that mentality. If a man lets weight (not obesity) get in the way, he probably was not in a good marriage to begin with. There are so many more important aspects of marriage that weight won’t even make the list. I once dated a physically unattractive man, but I loved that man because he was a good man with great qualities that were substantial. I’ve always been very attractive and if that was what I wanted I could simply look in the mirror LOL. Substance is the key. Eventually, as we age, we all will lose our looks.

  3. Now, the question that also should be posed: why do women stop being sexually attracted to their husbands?

    Well, they “put on weight” not to mention that they can no longer (IF they EVER could) perform in bed!!

    So, it goes BOTH ways!!! 🙂

  4. Marriage is not easy. It takes love, patience, and hard work. We all change with agee, men and women,so that’s no excuse.No one is 100% happy in their relationship. It comes down to both parties being willing to except the changes in their spouse and adapt to each other’s needs in order to save the marriage. If no one is a willing to do the work then don’t cheat and demean each other.. just let go gracefully!

    • Finally, a civilized answer to a topic without vulgar language and lack of respect for others. A refreshing point of view in an internet world that reveals how ugly people can be through language, insults and general lack of humanity.

    • He has a point about the nature of men, but it goes with the pain women go through with having children. This means its something as men we have to deal with, because of sin. No one wakes up each morning attracted to their love one everyday, but there are more days that you will be in love with your love, as long as you don’t entertain that natural flashily thought that we have as male and female. So, we have to fight to be what God created us to be; male and female, and understand that the devil will try anything he can to destroy the existence of man. So, in closing you can’t live by what you feel, you have a responsibility to live in a way witch pleases God. This is our purpose for living, for the pleasure of God

      • Really nature of man? please… you forget the fact where he is at higher risk of getting heart attacks…

        Anyway when you can’t perform Don’t come back crying to the person that actually would put up wit your fat ass… Men do not have the strength or breath to take care of a child at those old ages…

        The only thing that still works properly (maybe) is his dick…so I guess mother nature screwed up somewhere along that way…when she was wiring men…

        Is not that they are not attracted anymore…they never loved her…or just hungry for the sex…because men get fat and ugly as well with age…and yes some younger women will take that old dick…however, older women can get their young dick as well so I don’t see with this article…that is a poor excuse!

    • I like your comments ,it showed common sense and fact.We have to work on it every day,no one is perfect we need God in our life.Lean hard on the Holy Spirit to guide us through the life with our wife or husband.

  5. True as his theory may be there is a switch design to tone it down or off, i’ve been married for 7yrs and as true as i have notice other women there is a internal something that keeps me from reacting, my covenant and my love for her. I acknowledge i will see other attractive women and they will flirt or worst to get my attention away from my marriage but my total commitment keeps me into her but also i find my wife amazing.

  6. I can tell you that at some point it seems as though the effort leaves. After our kids, I felt like my wife woke up and chose to be frumpy. She barely got her hair done, she no longer put effort into how she dressed and she stopped working out. I began to miss the effort. I missed having someone get all “cute” for me. I started to lust after the women that did the things my wife did when I met her. I walked through the mall wishing my wife looked like “that girl”. My wife used to be “that girl”. I finally got to the point where we had to have a come to Jesus. Things have gotten better, and I’m starting to recognize the woman I married. You look around and see White women in the gym, getting “nipped and tucked” to look as good as they can for their men. Our sisters are missing that. Stop believing that the way to a man’s heart is his stomach. I can get a biscuit at Bojangles…I want a lover. BTW, I love my sisters and would never date anyone else, but c’mon!. Now, brothers have to do better too…but that isn’t the topic at hand. Too many women workout to get married, and work less afterwards. An old man once told me that “whatever you do to get her, you need to do to keep her”. The same goes for women. ***BTW, after our talk, things have gotten much better. We have both made necessary changes***

    • Very honest, emotionally mature and nicely written!
      I like how you wrote that it got down to a coming to Jeasus and that your communication brought about necessary changes!
      I personally believe we have different hormones that drive us. Women that have undergone sex changes to become males attest to the fact that the introduction of testosterone made them think about sex constantly.
      After bearing & raising children and, working full time, being responsible for meals etc… women tend to get really haggered. When menopausal changes occur: Loss of energy, declining sex drive, weight gain, hair falling out, its a terrible blow to the self-esteem!
      You can feed a man all you want but he desires Sex! There’s a reason that Penthouse & Playboy magazines have been around for so long and woman’s popular choice would be a fashion or home decor magazine! Are hormones seem to make us quite different creatures.
      Its just a fact of life, men are attracted to lovely women so women must do they’re best to do healthy things and continue to have figure flattering clothing and apply makeup at least once in a while like your preparing for a date!
      Google: One in six women don’t let they’re husband see them naked. This is fascinating stuff to realize!

  7. Marry a man who loves the Lord and he will love you like Christ loves the church…This other stuff is for the ‘ain’ts not the Saints”

    • That’s naive. Marriage takes work, especially self work. You can’t love the Lord, eat everything you want, and expect a healthy marriage.

    • This Post ain’t for You Über Religious Fanatics! Don’t read this post go read your Bible and leave your Dogma at home when real people are having real discussions. At last count You Bible thumpers are at a Hugh rate of Divorce because U ain’t living Real you’re in belief of a White Man’s Tale of Christianity. Trust me you don’t want to go there with me. I’ll enlighten U quick fast.

      • go there. You don’t have a clue as far as righteousness and divine wisdom. You are in a homosexual bondage chained up in the worst fairy tale headed only for suicide and destruction. But because you have already rejected wisdom and went full-speed ahead into the bottomless pit, don’t expect your reprobate self to be rescued by attempting to provoke christians into persuading you back into the heavenlies because you will remain KICKED OUT.

  8. I have mixed feelings about the article and the messages it presents. But my real concern is to
    the magazine that published the article. How does this article support healthy black women? If anything, it places women on the defensive, it allows women to be criticized with no support system and especially for many black women who will read it, and it does not leave any real solution or chance for open and constructive conversation. There are enough black women with low self esteem, who have been hurt, and spend most of their lives and money living up to someone else’s perception of who they should be. Can a sister ever get a break? We are told that we have to work in a man’s world but are too aggressive. We are told to support our man and children with little to no help from him? We are told we have to be skinny, but still have a big but. You don’t want us to wear weaves, but you want long hair. Can we just have one article, day, moment where we can be us, with no comments, and we don’t have to meet everyone else’s expectations? Because on the real, no one is meeting ours. One more article telling us to do more, when we seemingly have less…suppot, opportunity, time, money, energy… Yet we are your queens??? #supportinghealthyblackwomen failed

    • Lori,
      If you are on the defensive, thats internal. The problem is, Black folks never want to hear the truth. This is a black forum, yet you still want to be hush…if it was on a white forum, that wouldn’t work, you don’t want us men to say it, so how will you ever hear it? Listen, if this was about men, it would be the same deal. Men act like Billy D to get you and live like Bookmen once we put a ring on it. That’s not right. We have to be your King…likewise, you have to be our queens. Be healthy. I was in church the other day and saw so many sisters with low self esteem rushing to the buffet after church. They all looked sick and old. You are the most beautiful creatures on the planet. If you put in a LITTLE work. No woman on earth is better. BTW, most men HATE weaves. Blame your sisters for that one. Most men would love your braids more than your weaves. Don’t put that one on us. Sisters do enough of tearing each other down, you don’t need brothers for that one.

      • Ok…my former comment aside, I do respect what you’re saying as well. It pains me to see my sistas who do not appear (this may be my bias now, but..) to disregard their femininity, as a whole, …with both behavior and appearance that is unbecoming. But, within the struggle, most of us black women are pushed down (when we try to be the best that we can be), instead of being lifted up. Othello, there are too few of you.

      • Othello, I believe you do have a point, however, honesty without compassion is abuse. The world is hard and harsh enough. If we don’t look out for each other, who will? We are the best at coming to our own rescues. Lori, I truly understand my sister, however, we will only attract the love we have for ourselves, so if you truly love your muffin top, some man will find you and truly love it just as much as you do.

      • @ Mr. Othello, I know a lot of females that are on the skinny, and are now dieting and working relentlessly to be rail thin thinking that this would help their relationship.(Oh and they are definitely gorgeous). I see no happiness nor joy in the relationships. Women are always making sacrifices. I looked at the show Hollywood Exes. What’s the excuse there. They are all beautiful women and now single. I see females steady being put down, only to break their back to create herself in his (man’s) image. Clean those double standard glasses off that you all wear. I thought wait..hadn’t God already created us in HIS image. So why now should your image now be more important than God? I think that this is just a bunch of hogwash to fall short of men and not GOD’s Glory, for we were created in his image. Mine is this don’t take those vows, leave them for the real men and keep it moving…don’t use it as an excuse for not keeping it and maintaining it 100! Real talk.

        • Oh I agree 100%. There’s no absolute in this. We men have to step up and love our wives and stay with them. Personally, I think those rich guys who leave their wives are a bunch of simple coons that bought the hype. ESPECIALLY when they leave for a white woman. HOWEVER, I do think many sisters have to check themselves. They have to learn how to love a successful and powerful man. Once a man reaches a certain status, he doesn’t have time for the arguments and power struggles that plague many relationships. He needs support. He needs someone that knows how create an oasis from the outside world. So I agree….its not all about the physical in a relationship, but since this article tried to make men simple creatures that are only driven by biology…I gave a biological perspective.

          • everything you say is weak. You sound old, ugly and fat trying to cover it. You need to get tossed to some ugly white women, too like the other fags.

    • Lori, you said it all, in a nutshell. Period, end of story. While constructive criticism is acceptable, evasive nitpicking is not. Though this article exacts an attempt at open dialogue, it is not without bias and comments that suggest either the merits or errors should be respected.

      I appreciate a portion of what some of the men are saying, but frankly, there comes a point to which they fail to see both sides of the weight in this article.

    • Lori stop being a cop out you follow everything else in this society to the letter but want to skip over the part where u have to be responsible for how u show up to men. Stop being a fat ass, stop with the fake hair expecting a man to be real, stop with the I just wanna me syndrome. Be U but if being u is a fat chick with problems and low self esteem men aren’t checking for U. Just like u women always measure a man’s worth according to what’s in his wallet men want u to be fit and toned, sexy, sexual, freaky, semi submissive, open minded, not too religious, and know how to STFU!!!

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  10. Is it ok for the wives to cheat after your husband belly gets bigger and what use to stand at attention don’t anymore?Is it ok for us to find a younger man when that two hour love session we use to get turn into 20 minutes with foreplay included?

  11. Someone mentioned white women getting nipped and tucked. Maybe their financial resources are better than the average sista’s finances. I’d love to have a tummy tuck, but insurance doesn’t pay for that. Just’sayin.

    • I am sure you can afford running shoes. no need for surgery. all you need is the will to exercise and eat right. forget about satisfying a man. are you not interested in being healthy and energetic. IJS. I train like an Olympian because I watched my father get fat and die of lung cancer based on his chosen life style. the fact that women may find me attractive is irrelevant. I just want to live a long and healthy life.

      • Getting fat does not correlate to lung cancer. Getting cancer these days are not even contributed to half the things they mention in the health field. I have lost many family members recently that had never lit up or drank or any recreational vices. They actually lived extremely active healthy lives. Sorry for your lose but keep up the healthy lifestyle for your benefit.

  12. After having babies, working, cleaning, cooking, and putting up with men that want to be called a man, but still act like a child, most women are worn out mentally, emotionally, and physically. It really does not matter if a man has a woman that has kept herself physically attractive after being with someone for 10, 15, 20, or thirty years the truth is you just get tired of eating chicken.
    There are so many mature beautiful black women who dedicate themselves to their marriage. Men don’t you think that your mate gets tired of the same old beef all the time? Do you not think that they may want something different or someone that can last more than 10 minutes? Men talk about droopy breasts but they never talk about droopy gonads.

    If you marry, marry someone for the content of their character not because the packaging looks good. Marriage is a commitment and no one said it would be peaches and cream.

    • High fiving you Diane…all the way. Don’t need a man where his mouth does all the moving. Be accommodating in more ways than with your doggone mouth men….because Mr. Droopy will come believe that if he isn’t already there.

    • Diane stop complaining the life you have is the life u chose. Put on your big girl panties and woman up. Go to the gym know how to shut up and just listen maybe then you’ll find that what you’ve been emitting has been a low vibration of energy. Now start with loving U accept what u need to make better and do it for the one u love (YOU) and that’s when your vibration will begin to emit on a higher scale.

  13. Well…The same thing happens to men if they lose their financial stability. The quickest way to ruin a marriage is to fall off financially. How many women have stopped being attracted to their husband once this happens and left for another man. So it works both ways…

  14. I only date women that are at-least 10 yrs my junior, that are in superb physical condition and well versed in the art of pleasure. It’s highly probable I will never experience the issues this article has addressed.

  15. I agree this article is BS.. I’m happily married & granted we have our ups & downs but c’mon this sh** is for the birds! If your spouse truly loves you they’re going to happily grow old with you (hopefully gracefully) and stick by you & only you no matter what. Everyone is going to be a bit attracted to someone else at some point but if you’re a Godly person there is nothing I mean nothing that is going to make you less attractive to your spouse, if anything as the years pass everything just keeps getting better. This article is full of mess lol smh & I love the comment a out how a old man ain’t gone have the time & energy to be running after a toddler lmao.. I feel sorry for old men & women that go after someone young who 9 x outta 10 is using them & if they hang around long enough will kill for insurance money lbvs.. I’m glad God is lifting more & more folks to a higher level & all you shallow folks are just pitiful along with the religious ones with limited minds.. God bless our planet & all it’s creatures!

    • next to the homo “protekt-whatever” you are probably the dumbest one on here with the most limited mind trying to play sophisticate. Your husband is probably out cheating right now.

  16. There is a lot of truth in the bio.ogical aspect, i spent my best yrs carving out a career and didnt want kids. now i am at that age wre i have to look to younger women 10 to 15yrs younger, tho i would prefer the maturity of a woman my own age. thankfully i still find younger women sexually more appealing and why not, it is always how we have been attracted since our first experience. If sex is basically all about reproduction then it makes sense, the fact that its not and involves a lot of emotion means we dont always get both in sync. i want kids so i have to go younger thats life!!

  17. “Men are biologically programmed to reproduced”

    Why the terrible grammar in all of these articles? It makes the points raised difficult to take seriously.

  18. Wow! If this is true, how in the world is a woman supposed to keep her man if she is unable to bear children, anymore? I can understand if they were complaining because we do not take care of ourselves, anymore. But, because we are not young and cannot have children? Wow!! In my opinion, that is a little superficial. I thought marriage took a lot of hard work. We will have all sorts of temptations (single or marriage), but it is our choice to yield or overcome. At least, that is what I thought. I guess I thought wrong. Wow!! Go figure… Either way, I love me some me and whoever gets with me will love me, too. I still love my Brothas, though. I love us!

  19. I’m 31, the lady I love and have fun with and make love too daily, is in her 40’s. She has gained weight, but that’s still my pu$$y. I adore every moment with her, from washing our faces together in the morning, to showering while she brushes her teeth, to seeing her put on her shoes, to seeing her wipe after urinating, or telling her not to wipe after urinating so I can taste that pissy yoni. Every thing about this woman drives me into a frenzy. It’s been years of this type of behavior between us and you know why? Because she still believes in me and I believe in her.

  20. berry_molasses on

    B i so agree with you. This article is full of it. When you truly loves someone, you don’t use age as an excuse to run off elsewhere. You are to grow old together.

    People are always finding reasons to cheat.

  21. Most women reading and commenting on said post refuse to accept and understand men. Instead they mostly tend to rely on their feminine psychology to comprehend the male specie. Lets face it too many Black women are either (A)Way over weight (B) Too damned religious (C) closed minded (D) Daddy Issues, no respect for male authority thus having an attitude problem and a big mouth. And (E) All of the Above

    Men are attracted to beautiful women, women who are willing and astute enough to recognize the male ego’s needs. Moan and be highly sexual even if u don’t feel like it ladies. Get on your knees look up at him and tell him every morning or night how u want to gag on his member and bring him to ecstasy. This behavior along with making yourself more appealing will help u maintain a long healthy relationship with your guy. LOSE WEIGHT!!! Fight the Fat not your Man! Peace

  22. I definitely agree….some wives just will not keep themselves in shape for their husbands and some actually think that all that extra weight they put on is attractive. I know it can be vice versa but women have got to understand whether they like it or not, it’s easier for a man to find another good woman then it would be for woman to find another good man. Just sayin.

  23. Actually, men leaving their wives for younger women is the norm. Just like women running from man to man searching for status and security is the norm.

    The only difference is that men normally don’t look for a shoulder to cry on when a woman runs off. On the other hand, women cry, break down, and become bitter when it happens to them.


  24. My point is some men didn’t love or marry their wives for their inner- beauty they only looked at the outside appearance maybe the nice skin dark or light the long hair, the shapeley legs and hips etc and so when those things start too go south he lost interest and as someone said previous he starts too long for that youthfull and beautiful woman he married years earlier because that’s what he focus on when he first met her the outer beauty not the inner beauty.None of us should ever take our mate for granted and feel that we can’t look sexy and attractive because we can and we both should always try too look our very best no matter how old each one of us get so that we can always be proud of each other this includes the Men as well you get old too and things fly south on you just like it does the woman and you may not be that muscle bound man or that Romeo that we married anymore either but true love and deep respect for each other will over shadow and hide the imperfections in both of us

  25. I believe us men loose interest mainly because, at first when you meet a women her package & presentation is on point. Often, Once a women knows she has a man locked in she frequently does not pay attention to the find details anymore. Secondly, as a man 99.9% of us want a physically attractive women. Again, women often times let there physical appearance go and that is really devastating for most men although most of the time we will never say it.
    The same thing can be said for men who get out of shape and start to look sloppy & un-groomed!
    Ladies.. Do your sit ups, squats & keep your hair tight.
    Men.. Work out, only have 2 sandwiches not 12 lmao.

  26. I read most of the comments here and let me add my three cents please. First of all, men who had a vasectomy….their penal system still works and at every age. Second, I have learned that committing to one person, one marriage, one personality, one life style, one plate of food, one P****, one V**** is abnormal and that’s why people fail at it. They world is too vast and majestic to place that high of an expectation on the human animal…period. Male or female. Once you learn yourself and know who you are, what you like and don’t like, freedom to move and live is best experienced with friends and family….and simple companionship. Sex should not be the driving force to commit but the desire to learn about others, to be curious about people, their environment, their world, their nuances… Sometimes, the extraction occurs on a sexual level, sometimes it won’t. Doesn’t mean you act on it….doesn’t mean it you do, you are a vile person. But for me, I would never get married again…its a confining, debilitating, selfish, and entitled trap to control another human being. PERIOD.

  27. Steve michaels on

    Wow with so many important life issues that I see on this page its not surprising that this one got so many comments. Listen I’m a man, not some out of control horny kid. Or some animal who’s is not able to control himself. This is ridiculous, in a relationship a least a mature on, I’m not looking for just sex or food or drank as someone put it. I’m looking for a life partner. Someone who I may not always agree with but who I will never stop loving inspire of self.a lot of you men know your not the man you were 20 yes ago heck you probably wasn’t much then, but she loved you anyway. So just be grateful some one is still willing to put up with your mess and hold her close, and always let her know if your the king, she’s the Queen that help make the king.

  28. Today there are many men in there mid 30’s to 50’s that do not look half as good as their wives and they might have health problems. Yes there are women that donot take care of themselves and use their children and jobs as an excuse for lack of self care. The grass is never greener on the other side. When I was 20 I was not looking at a almost 40 yr old man to be with and those ladies who where, where looking for MONEY,of course in exchange for SEX for men. That concept really has not change. Everyone come up with some theory to condone poor behavior. Whats the theory to simply maintaining healthy and positive and spicy relationships until you both hit the grave? Ladies hit the gym and eat better, do it with kids,get creative. We know how to work magic for our families. How about ourselves?

  29. This would be a great conversation if it involved educated women. Any woman who thinks she can keep a man by f765ing and feeding him is highly delusional. P988y is on every corner and as long a man has money he will eat. That just shows that those who agree with that statement don’t have anything to offer.

  30. Men’s testosterone levels drop as they age. So blaming the wive is misplaced. A healthy man who loves his wife will love to make love to her. Low hormone levels, however, will make him less interested in sex. Other health issues (diabetes and high blood pressure) make it more difficult to get and maintain an erection. So I believe Mother Nature, not the mother of his children, is the one to blame.

  31. This is true. ..we all know it. Men were programed to do what we were programed to do. Curbing our nature is where the self control comes in. If every other animal on earth is attraced to the female in heat…why are we so different?

  32. It all boils down to the reason we have sex, to make babies. It doesn’t matter if the man wants the kids or not, we see that plenty in today’s society. Honestly we are animals whether we are the smartest or have the biggest brains we are still animals!! It doesn’t matter about want when it come to nature. Honestly does any woman want to go on her period? It’s nature the fact about younger women I don’t honestly think it’s the young part, that is the bs. But to lose sexual attraction because of the natural appearance of not being a good child bearer I solely believe. I have kids two boys and I for damn sure don’t want any more but I do have a strong desire everytime I have sex with my wife to release myself inside of her. Life will be a little easier to understand if we stop trying to confuse emotions with natures way. No one loves to die but we allo it’s just nature!!!! Get over it!!!

  33. Yes this is bs. It’s excuses. It’s men who don’t have any compassion or morals anymore. I have news for these men who are also getting older and fatter and bald. If you don’t have a lot if money in your pocket you won’t get far. And it is pathetic watching my ex running around like he a gift to woman at his age just to build his ego. PATHETIC

    • you speaking of compassion and morals then went completely left with the whole money and not getting far. having money pretty much destroys morals and compassion, so what are you saying?

  34. What is the point of women ever dating men, if men are just going to lose attraction for them eventually? No one can escape old age, & even if you take as best care of yourself as possible, you’re not going to look like you’re 20 when your 60. It’s too bad men’s taste in women can’t mature as they mature.

  35. Why are people so upset about this? It goes both ways you know, there are a lot of women who lose attraction to their husbands because he’s adding weight and getting out of shape. I like my lady fit and attractive but so does she and I probably spend more time in the gym (5-6 times a week). No it’s not what’s most important but whether we’d like to admit it or not attraction is part of it whether we’d admit it or not.

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