Men Who Feel Entitled To Be [email protected] Plan “Men’s Rights” Rally


By: Krystle Crossman

The Return of Kings group has been making quite a stir in the news lately. They are a group of men who fight for men’s rights. Basically they are the male version of feminists. What they fight for however has society in an uproar. The leader of the group, blogger Roosh Valizadeh, states that men should not be charged with a crime for forcing themselves upon a woman if they are not on public property. The group claims that they hate women but at the same time look up to Valizadeh for advice as they feel that he is a master pick-up artist. He claims that he can help anyone get a date.

The Return of Kings plans meet ups throughout the country to have rallies for men’s rights. They go out to public parks and speak about the injustices that they feel they face as men and speak out against women and their rights. A meet up was planned for this Saturday, February 6th, in Chicago but has since been cancelled due to the uproar that it has caused. Valizadeh stated that he feared for the safety of those going to the meet up and was cancelling all future dates from here on out. He also stated that he cannot be held responsible for those who meet on their own in private.

After all of the backlash that came out after he promoted “legal [email protected]” on his blog he came back to say that he was writing satire. He claims that the group was formed so that men could build friendships with other men who face the same challenges when it comes to forming meaningful and long-term relationships with women. He calls women “the enemy” and states that they have been able to hold the Return of Kings back with their powers of persuasion on society but anyone that tried to stop the rally that they were planning on holding would be met with his fury.

The meeting called for the men to meet at a public place and ask where the nearest pet shop was so that others would know who was a part of the group. They were then going to meet in another location that was private even though they state the purpose of the group is for the men to come out of the shadows and face the “enemy”. Needless to say that businesses and cities were not pleased about these meet ups and fortunately it seems that, for now anyway, they will not be happening anymore.



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