Men Will Cheat To “Fix” Their Marriage?


By: Krystle Crossman

You may think you know a cheater when you see what, but do you know what many of the typical cheating types are really like? Here are eight things that many cheaters have in common.

1. They tend to get more s*xually active with you when they are cheating on you. It is like their s*x drive has woken up after a deep sleep with all of the s*x that they are having between you and the other person.

2. They love rock music. A study found that 41% of cheaters liked rock music over any of the other genres of music. Pop music came in at 16%, country at 11%, classical at 7%, and only 2% for hip-hop.

3. Women are more likely to cheat during their time of ovulation. A researcher from UCLA said that when women are nearing their ovulation period during the month they are likely to be more attracted to someone other than their partner. This is especially bad considering it is peak baby-making time.

4. When women cheat it is more likely that it is because they feel the need to fill and emotional void as opposed to a physical one. This is more dangerous than sleeping with someone just for s*x because it is closer to an actual relationship. This could be the end of their relationship once that emotional connection is made.

5. Some cheaters want to get caught. They will be careless on purpose. It could be a cry for help because they want to stop or it could be because they want and easy way out of the relationship they are in.

6. Men sometimes cheat to fix their marriage. They feel that if they are getting everything that they need from multiple people they will not be unhappy with just one person while missing something.

7. 85% of cheating begins in the office. It may seem like cheaters find someone at a bar for a one night stand but they are actually more likely to cheat with a friend or coworker.

8. 34% of women and 56% of men who have cheated on their partners did it just because they could but were perfectly happy in their current relationships.



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