Men With Big “endowments” Have Big Problems in Marriage


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

According to a study that was developed by Kenyan and US researchers, the longer a man’s member is, the more likely it is that his wife will have an affair. It seems strange that it would be the wife who is more likely to cheat right? The study published in the online Journal PIoS One states the reasons why.

After surveying married couples the researchers found that for every inch above the average length that a man’s pen!s is, it is one and a half times more likely that his wife is going to find someone else outside of the marriage to sleep with. They concluded that this is because the bigger it is, the more it can hurt for a woman so she is going to go looking for someone that is able to give her what she needs without pain. It is especially painful for a woman who has a narrow [email protected] canal or a woman whose [email protected] canal is shorter than other women’s. The pain gets to be too much for them so instead they have an affair.

The researchers also found that some of the biggest reasons other than pen!s size for women having an affair is domestic violence or the man not allowing his wife to use a s*xual position that she enjoys. These are things that will drive a woman to find what she needs elsewhere. Some things that make it less likely that a wife will cheat are how satisfied she is and how old she is. Women who are older tend to cheat on their spouses less. If she is satisfied in the marriage (not just in bed either), she will not feel like there is something missing from the relationship that she will seek out with someone else.



  1. Do the little d!ck men need not worry, are their relationships safe? Or are they the ones cheating because they need to over compensate?

  2. Why would you marry someone…even more, stay in a relationship with a man whose member is too large and causes you pain.

  3. SO…it this just one MORE created ‘studied’ reason for hetero marriages to in divorce?? What about really small ‘membered’ guys? Do they even GET married? Or, what about really SMALL membered guys? Do they even get married? I guess this article is saying the female needs to do an ‘airport’ search BEFORE she says ‘Yes”? AND…HE needs to do a vaginal search to see if he will FIT to his liking, before popping the question???

  4. Next women will be placing an ad on Craigslist asking for a certain P-E-N-I-S size if she is ready to settle down.

    Women make up your mind. Stop saying size matters and you want the BIG MEMBER or you don’t.

    I have been married to a great man for 39 years. Size did not matter. When a man treats you better than a queen. That is a true gift.

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