Michelle Obama Brings the Let’s Move Campaign to the US Open


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By: Krystle Crossman

The first lady Michelle Obama has a campaign that she is very passionate about. It’s called “Let’s Move”. Her objective is to get kids up and moving (as well as their parents) to try and fight obesity. She has been traveling around the country trying to spread the word about the program. Recently she has made a CD that uses hip-hop music to try and inspire kids to exercise.

On Saturday Mrs. Obama teamed up with tennis legend Serena Williams at the US Open. They spoke at the Arthur Ashe Kid’s Day in Flushing, NY. She spoke about the many accomplishments of the Williams sisters and she also spoke about Billie Jean King and the current state of wellness within the US which drew cheers.

After she spoke, it was time to move. She stated that she would be a lot better at playing tennis if she had learned to play it when she was a kid. She spent the rest of the afternoon with the winners of the Arthur Ashe Contest.

Over the last few decades, the number of people who are considered obese have tripled. These numbers are the highest in African-American and Hispanic communities. 40% of children in these communities are considered overweight. Many will suffer from diabetes or other chronic weight-related diseases. Michelle Obama’s campaign’s purpose is to help lower these numbers and to educate the public on how to help children live healthier lives.

Since the program’s launch in February of 2010 there have been many accomplishments. Disney will no longer air commercials for food that do not meet nutritional guidelines. The US Olympics is providing camps for kids at low or no cost. The Department of Defense significant improved their nutritional standards for foods that go to soldiers and their families.


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  1. Let everyone stay healthy in America young,middle aged or elderly. Keep me posted about the Let’s Move Program and as a dance and exercise instructor I would like to be part of this program.

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