Michelle Obama: “Don’t worry about failure…failure is the key to success….you are smart enough to sit at any table and compete”


Mrs OBy: Krystle Crossman

Not only is Michelle Obama the First Lady but she is also a Harvard Law School graduate. She recently did an interview on BET’s music variety show 106 & Park. During the interview she gave a little peek at what she has coming up for herself and also dished out some fantastic advice about education.

She spoke about what she tells her daughters about their education, which she feels is an extremely important part of your life. She tells them that they need to give their all and more when it comes to education. She wants to get the girls to be passionate about learning so that they can carry that passion on to college when they are ready. She wants them to realize that in order to get ahead in life and in their careers, they constantly need to educate themselves. This helps to stay relevant in the field that you are in and can open up a host of new opportunities down the road.

When it comes to the girls, Sasha and Malia, going off to college and getting the full “experience” the First Lady is all about it. She gets them excited and hyped up about the thought of living on campus with other people their age and learning while maintaining relationships and learning about how to be independent.

When Mrs. Obama was asked about her younger self, she said that she wishes she could tell her to have more confidence. She said that she was always afraid of failing as a child and it held her back. Some of her counselors in school discouraged her from applying to big schools such as Princeton. She still applied and was accepted and she said that she breathed a sigh of relief because she could stop being afraid.

Says Obama, ” And the thing that I would tell that girl is, ‘Don’t worry about failure because failure is the key to success and you are smart enough to sit at any table and compete and have your voice heard.’ Fortunately, I’ve come to know that.”


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