Michelle Obama Is Not a “classic” Beauty Says Van Jones


By: Krystle Crossman

Michelle Obama gave a very moving speech at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, PA. She spoke about how she was watching her daughters play out on the lawn of the White House with their dogs and how she was so thankful that Hillary Clinton was showing them that women can be whoever they want in life, including being the president. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house after she had finished her very inspiring speech. Even commentator Van Jones admitted that he was bawling after she was finished speaking. He then commented on the first lady’s appearance and social media did not take too kindly to his comments.

Jones said that it was inspiring to know that Michelle Obama was where she is today even after being a “dark-skinned” woman in Chicago. He also stated that she was “not classically beautiful for that time”. While Jones may have had good intentions when he spoke it didn’t come across that way to many people on social media. Twitter followers began to bash Jones for the way that he described Mrs. Obama’s appearance, especially since he himself was African-American. After a litany of disparaging remarks against him Jones tried to explain what he meant. He stated that he was thinking about his own sister who had a hard time growing up as well. He said that he had just gotten done listening to a very moving speech and was emotional so what he was trying to say was not coming across like he wanted it to. Some people agreed with him but stated that he could have chosen a better way to say it because the way he uttered the words was disrespectful.

Michelle Obama’s speech made remarks that were meant for Donald Trump even though she never directly addressed him. She said that we lived in the greatest country in the world and that we shouldn’t let anyone tell us anything different and that they were going to make it “great” again. She said that we should have someone as president who doesn’t see faces in black and white but sees us all as equals. She also said that we needed someone who will advocate for the children of today like Hillary Clinton has done because they need to grow up in a safe and loving environment. Overall Michelle Obama’s speech was well-received and praised.



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