Michel’le to Reveal Even More Secrets About Being Abused By Dr. Dre In Tell-All Book


By Victor Trammell

Singer and reality TV star Michel’le (pictured left) is riding a tidal wave of success off the October 15th debut of her Lifetime original picture “Surviving Compton.”

A firestorm of controversy was brewing in the weeks before Michel’le’s juicy and salacious biopic made its broadcast. As she was doing her press runs (including a stop on the Wendy Williams show), Michel’le, Lifetime, and Sony Pictures were slapped with cease and desist orders from music mogul Dr. Dre’s (pictured right) legal team.

Dr. Dre was apparently very worried that Michel’le’s biopic would depict him as a violent ex-boyfriend of hers. However, Sony and Lifetime didn’t budge. Sony, in particular, is standing behind Michel’le wholeheartedly as her critically-acclaimed straight-to-television biopic continues to garner some amazing success.

Leslie Greif, the “Surviving Compton” executive producer gave the following statement voicing Sony’s support. A portion of that statement reads as follows:

“I heard Sony said they vetted the film and stand by it, and will not allow Michel’le’s voice to be silenced. They’re supporting this picture…These are not new stories. Dr. Dre and Suge Knight have not seen the film to my knowledge, and are presupposing what they did and how it might make them appear on screen.” (Lee Bailey’s Electronic Urban Report)

Deadline.com reported on Tuesday (October 18th) that Lifetime’s “Surviving Compton” and “Beyond The Headlines: Michel’le” totally dominated cable television during the weekend of October 15-16th.

“All in, Lifetime boasts, the network reached 9.4 million viewers across all weekend telecasts of the two projects, which touch on the life of hip-hop recording artist Michel’le,” wrote Lisa de Moraes, a Deadline celebrity news blogger.

In more recent news, a tell-all book is reportedly in the works by Michel’le.  According to Lee Bailey’s Electronic Urban Report (EUR Web), the small singer with a one-in-a-million voice is not done telling her story of survival to the world.

“In the wake of [Michel’le’s] Lifetime biopic “Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michel’le,” the diminutive singer with the big voice is not through with [Dr. Dre], yet…she revealed [via Twitter] that she is in the process of writing a book about her [abusive] relationship with him,” wrote an EUR Web publisher.

As Wendy Williams sarcastically said during her interview with Michel’le before this film’s release, new meaning has been given to the brand called Beats by Dr. Dre. Kudos to Michel’le for strategically cashing in.

Source: https://www.eurweb.com/2016/10/michelle-bad-news-dr-dre-biopic-book/






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