Michelle Williams Talks About the Man of Her Dreams; Has “job and benefits”


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Grammy award winning singer Michelle Williams is about to release her fourth album titled Journey to Freedom. While promoting the album she stopped to talk about her love life for a moment and what she looks for in a man.

Williams reveals, in her latest interview with Huffpost Live, that she is dating someone new. She doesn’t want to put any labels on what the relationship is at the moment because it is too new. She wouldn’t tell Huffpost what her new guy is like or what traits he has, but she did let them know what kind of guy she likes.

She shared that she looks for someone who makes her work a little harder, who goes for what they want and works hard for it, and someone who is confident in themselves.

She says that she also looks for a man who is a Christian and wants him to stimulate her mind. Pick up lines don’t do it for Williams, she is more into intellectual conversation and interesting discussion topics.

Williams said that she is old-fashioned. If this relationship does not work out, she is not going to be on the prowl for someone new. She doesn’t go looking; she just lets things happen naturally. Williams said that any man she dates must also have a job and have benefits. Her reasoning behind this is that she has had to work hard for everything that she has, so the guy she is dating should have worked hard as well. Many women have that logic these days as well since there are so many more women in the workforce today than there were a few decades ago.