Mindful Eating: Eat Healthier by Making Every Meal an Experience


family dinnerBy Staff Blogger

Have you become bored with your food? Do you grow tired of the dinner choices you make? Are you sick of eating healthy? It may not be the food that is the problem. It may be the way that you are eating it. Being mindful of how you eat can take your meal time to another level.

1. Slow down when you are eating. Savor the food that you have made. This gives you time to relax which aids in digestion. If you eat a meal while you are stressed and rush through the food, you are more than likely going to absorb the minimum amount needed for fuel and the rest can turn into fat.

2. Set the table and sit down to eat at it. If you eat while watching TV or playing on the computer you can end up eating more that you normally would because you don’t notice when you are not hungry anymore. Even if you are having a snack, put it on a plate and sit at the table. It will give you time to slow down, relax, and enjoy your food.

3. Create an ambiance in your dining room. Light some candles or redecorate the room so that you create a feeling that you are looking for when you sit down to shovel macaroni and cheese into your mouth. If you are in a comforting setting, you may be less likely to reach for a bad comfort food and more likely to eat healthy.

4. To enjoy your food more, cook it yourself. You will appreciate the time and effort that you have put into making the meal.

5. Take note of your hunger cues. Don’t eat when you are not hungry and stop when you are full. When you slow down and take your time with your meals you are able to feel your hunger disappear.


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