Mixing These Foods Will Make You Very Tired and Bloated


By: Krystle Crossman

The holidays are a time when we indulge in a bunch of delicious foods. However some of those foods may leave us feeling less than great after. If you find that you are bloated or tired after eating, you may be eating one of these combinations:

1. Turkey and cranberry sauce: Fruit and meat are generally not a good idea for your stomach. Fruit digests quickly and easily because of the simple sugar. Proteins do not, so the fruit is stuck in your stomach with the protein causing the sugar to ferment.

2. Apple pie a la mode: Heavy cream dairy products like that huge lump of French vanilla ice cream that you have atop your pie is hard to digest. Try putting cinnamon or ginger on instead.

3. Cheesecake with berries: Sour fruits do not go well with dairy. Try to use something like apples and cinnamon instead.

4. Appetizers of fruit, meats, and dairy: Mixed together these three are a stomach’s nightmare. All of these are digested differently so your system has a really hard time when they are all eaten together.

5. Ham and mashed potatoes: Your body must make a choice to digest the protein or digest the starch, and the protein usually wins which means you end up feeling very bloated.

6. Salads with cheese and nuts: While it may sound appetizing you will not be doing your body any favors with this combination. Cheese and nuts are two of the hardest foods to digest, so when you put them together on a salad, you are asking for trouble.

7. Surf and turf: If you have too much protein on a plate it will take that much longer to digest.



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