Molly: Why It Is Very Dangerous; Why The Gov. Won’t Ban It


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

There are a lot of dangerous drugs out there, and many that young people take at parties to “have a good time”. One of these dangerous drugs is called Molly. Here are nine things that everyone should know about this drug.

1. Molly is basically a mixture of unknown synthetic drugs that can be deadly. They sometimes have MDMA (commonly called ecstasy) in them and often times also have MDPV, Pentedrone, MePP, Methylone, 4-MMC, and 4-MEC.

2. The effect that Molly gives is much like that of MDMA. It gives a euphoric high. The chemicals that are in Molly are created in a lab and affect the central nervous system. After the “high” they can restrict the blood vessels, cause seizures and paranoia and can cause rapid heartbeats and high blood pressure. After the high wears off users may experience depression. Some combinations of the chemicals are deadly.

3. The market for this drug is aimed at teens between 12 and 17 and those who like to go to dance clubs and parties. They think that they are taking ecstasy when in reality they are all synthetic drugs.

4. Molly comes in all different forms, the most common being a pill or powder in a capsule. Some have even created an injectable form and an LSD-like form on blotting paper.

5. Molly is extremely dangerous because of the mixture of unknown chemicals. You never know what you are putting into your body when you are taking it and the consequences can be deadly. No one batch is the same and if the calculations are wrong on a certain chemical it could end in a fatality.

6. Most of the chemicals that are used in Molly come from China. They send the chemicals over to middle-men in the US and then it is manufactured here.

7. The problem is worldwide and is widespread in the US. There is a lot of money involved with Molly and it is now found in every state.

8. It is hard for the government to control Molly because there are so many different components to it that every time they ban one of the substances, another one is created in its place.

9. You can tell if someone is on Molly when they exhibit signs of jaw-clenching, violent behavior, psychosis, sweating, and depression once the high wears off.



  1. Taking any drug even prescribed by a doctor has risk to take any outside that parameter is dangerous & stupid & your deserving of any negative consequences

  2. May be dangerous but doesnt cause violence or depression. if there is violece the person most likely is hype and wanted to be and had depression problems before taking it. Not justifying taking it but dont blame it on the molly.

  3. Nurse and mother on

    I think it is very unfair and unconstitutional that everyone else has to suffer because of drug addicts; and that ALL these banning and restrictive laws are being passed without the public input and/or vote. We can’t vote on such laws BUT are forced to present our driver license when buying cold meds for ourselves and children,family. And limited to ONLY one when they are on sale(in this economy…. Well when you don’t have it Period!)
    That is NOT Just. We are made powerless!!! Penalize those who are responsible for bringing in the country,manufacturers,distributors,sellers,users!!!!
    Not the ret of America who have nothing to do with it and who are desperately trying to take care of their families!!!

  4. Why is it that every few years there is a new illegal drug on the market that effects the next generation of young people in this a form of genocide going on here in America sent oveR HERE by a country that hates Americans (China). Supposedly. I was told that molly came from Islamic nations,What is the TRUTH!!!!!.

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