Moms and Wives: 3 Easy Ways To Be Kind To Yourself


Smiling womanBy Nomalanga Mhlauli-Moses

Women have a tendency to put themselves last on the list of things to do or take care of and even while many women feel like they have no choice, we always have a choice. With the exception of very few women, many women grow up to become nurturers and care takers in some way.

Taking care of others, whether it be elderly parents, your children or your husband or significant other is a beautiful thing but we must not forget to include ourselves on the list.

Below are some simple and easy ways to take care of yourself without taking up too much time or feeling like you have one extra thing to do.

1. Lemon water – Start your day with warm water  and a slice or wedge of lemon in it.  Lemon water has a long list of benefits, among them, boosting your immune system, flushing out toxins, aiding in digestion. When you start your day with lemon water, you’ll actually start to feel a little more energized and an added bonus is that you also start to see more radiant skin.

2. Take a walk – Taking a walk is both great exercise and a chance to take in some fresh air and if you go alone, it can also be a great opportunity to be alone with your thoughts. If you work outside the home and feel pressed for time, just walk for 15 minutes a day or use half of your lunch hour to take your walk. Walking has many benefits, among them toning your legs and “behind”, giving you a boost in energy and also getting a chance to get some vitamin D.

3. Take a bath – Taking a nice hot bath can be a great way to soothe a tired body and relax for a little while. Instead of of a quick shower or watching TV in the evening, opt for a nice bath. Treat yourself with some salts or oils and just relax and enjoy.

What do you do to show yourself a little love and kindness?



  1. I Love it! I’ll start with the Lemon water Too Wonderful Article. They forgot to add The facials, pedi, & Manicures tho which many schools, and colleges do them for “FREE” Now Theirs a delightful word that we all Love! to hear. 🙂

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