More Money Woes For Mary J. Blige: Now Her Homes Are Being Foreclosed On


By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: Matt Baron/Rex/Shutterstock

After her very public and tumultuous divorce from her former business manager Kendu Issacs has been finalized, R&B singing legend Mary J. Blige (pictured) is experiencing some more financial turbulence.

New reports surfaced this past weekend about Blige’s two New Jersey homes going into foreclosure. As of this past Saturday (June 9), a large banking institution, which financed Blige’s home loans had demanded that the properties be immediately vacated.

In May of 2018, Apex Bank sued both Blige and Issacs to recover money after payments were not made on the two properties for months at a time. The houses are located in Cresskill and Saddle River, New Jersey. Apex Bank filed a series of two lawsuits against the now divorced couple last month.

The first lawsuit involves a $8.1 million dollar balance on a property the two took out a $12.3 million dollar mortgage on a decade ago. This home is located in Saddle River and is a large, luxury living unit with eight bedrooms, ten bathrooms, a recording studio, media room, library and a staff quarters.

Apex Bank’s second lawsuit against Blige involves a smaller Cresskill home that has a $2 million dollar mortgage on it, which is now in default. Late last week, it was not known who was currently living at the homes and no reports claimed Blige or Issacs still lived at either of the two homes.

However, in legal documents, Apex Bank’s representatives have stated that the institution wants complete control of the two estates as of now. When Blige’s divorce from Issacs was finalized, one of the New Jersey homes was placed back on the market. reported this past March that Blige discretely settled her bitter divorce right before Oscar night. It’s fair to say Blige was unfairly railroaded by the courts after being ordered to pay insurmountably high monthly amounts of spousal support to Issacs prior to the divorce finalization.

Blige’s soul-stirring music often talks about resilience. Hopefully, the legendary singer can responsibly grasp what she is going through, put it behind her, and resurrect her career in a way she has never done before. She certainly has enough fans out there to help her pull it off.





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