Most Grocery Store Honey Is Not Really Honey


fresh honey with honeycomb, spices and fruitsBy Staff Blogger

If you are on a raw diet, buyer beware. A new study by Food Safety News has found that 75% of the honey that is sold in grocery stores isn’t real honey. It doesn’t have a trace of pollen in it and often is processed in China. Real honey must contain microscopic particles of pollen. The World Health Organization and honey manufacturers both agree with this statement.

When the honey is processed in these plants, it is watered down, then heated, and then pressurized. It goes through an intense filtering process that removes all of the pollen from the honey by heating it to high temperatures and then forces it with heavy pressure through filters that remove the pollen particles. When the honey comes from China it has been shown that it contains dangerous antibiotics, heavy metals, and artificial sweeteners in it.

When Food Safety News caught wind of what was going on they hit 10 different supermarkets around the country and purchased 60 different kinds of honey. They then sent the honey to Vaughn Bryant, a professor at Texas A&M who is a melissopalynologist (studies pollen and the source of the pollen in honey). Bryant found that three fourths of the samples had no pollen at all in the honey. Here is some of what he found:

– 100% of Winnie the Pooh honey from Walmart had no pollen
– 100% of the honey packets from KFC and McDonald’s had no pollen
– 77% of the honey from stores like Costco, Target, and Sam’s Club had no pollen
– 100% of the honey from drugstores like Walgreens had no pollen

Among this list however he did find that Trader Joe’s and farmer’s market honey had pollen in it.

If you are going to buy honey, buy from a trusted source and check your labels carefully.


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