Most People Want To Reduce Their Use Of Technology But Don’t


social mediaBy Staff Blogger

Any time that you go to a restaurant, a movie theater, the bus stop, or even just a sidewalk you will see people with cell phones out. They are checking their email, Facebook, Twitter, taking a picture of their five star lunch and posting it to Instagram for all the world to see.

Sometimes it seems as though social media has taken over our lives completely. A new study however shows that people want to reduce the amount of social media in their lives and have face-to-face interactions instead.

A study of 1,000 people which was headed by the company Chinet (manufacturer of disposable partyware) found that sixty-two percent of those who responded to the survey said they were going to try and reduce the use of technology and spend more time with their family and friends.

Ninty-two percent of those who responded said that they use social media to replace at least one type of face-to-face interaction. This could include asking someone out on a date, getting advice from friends, or playing a game such as Words With Friends (an electronic Scrabble). New friends are made on the internet all the time as well, but as little as eleven percent of them actually end up meeting in person.

Some of the things that the respondents said that they missed the most about having one on one time with someone is spending time together in a meaningful way such as sitting in a café and talking. Eighty-four percent said they missed the warmth of being around people.

In the end, the question still remains as to whether any of these respondents will actually take away some of their social media habits or not. Would you?


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